I ask "How fast does it go?" and he said "Fast enough". On further questioning I found that it went 6 knots. "One hundred and forty four nautical miles in a day" he said "during which time I sleep, read and eat. I also do repairs and keep watch. In 21 days I can be more than 3000 N miles from here". I had never thought of it that way. Breathing in and out, sleeping, reading and just living and letting the wind take me away. I fell for it and went sailing. -Tom Swaim-

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Old Fools Journal: Are you a fool?

July26, 2008

“There is a sacred simplicity in not doing something—and not doing it well.”
Robert Fulghum

Being a fool

Don't lie.
Don't follow a liar.
Don't be a fool.
Don't follow a fool.

That is good advice and should be followed by all of us but in the matters of love other rules apply. If you chance to fall in love then you will at some point be a fool. If you are not then you did not fall in love (fall is a good choice of a word, as in no control). To be in love is to give yourself up, meaning total unconditional surrender. If that does not happen then you are not in love. If you have children then you will be a fool for them at some point and probably happily so and sometimes unhappily so. As it should be.

I have been a fool many times over and I still am. Happily. Even the ones that took advantage of me when I was blindly foolish I am not unhappy about. There was so much happiness. The pain of finding that I had been a fool lasted only a very short time and then was forgotten. What I was foolishly happy about has endured.

Thus you have an Old Fool.

There is more to this. Now that you have become a fool what happens next.
Next is “Fools in Love that turn into Long Lasting Love”. It can happen and has happened many times but it is not easy. You are very much blessed if it happens to you.
I have to write about this but not tonight.

Richard Thomas Swaim