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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Old Fools Journal: Hurricane

Well here we are three years after Katrina (anniversary is tomorrow) once again anticipating the arrival of doom. This time there are two storms, same as last time, that seem to have us bore sighted only this time their timing is closer. All the talk of leaving is just so much blathering about something that looks good on paper but in realty is very difficult to implement. Too many people scattered over too large an area. In any event most can't afford to go. This area where I live estimated over a 100,000 people prior to the influx of population during and after Katrina and Rita. There is also a huge oil boom going on. Not one new road or highway and no public transport. Leaving here on a normal day is a hassle don't even think of it in an emergency.

Leave now... and go where? Many have but they are those who have the time and money to take a vacation anyway. Motels and hotels within 100 miles of here are booked so I am told. Forty miles makes a big difference in a hurricane but which direction would you go now. Go now and guess wrong and you are dead meat. Wait until you know which way to go and the storm hits you on the highway stuck in traffic.
I think I'll stay here with my animals and tomato plants and hope for no high water, that my trees have deep roots and that this old house can stand up to one more storm.

No matter where the storm hits we know we will be without electricity and communication. That stuff dies here in a heavy rain storm so this time we have some hedges. Unless we are blasted off the face of the planet (it could happen) we will survive it will just be uncomfortable.