I ask "How fast does it go?" and he said "Fast enough". On further questioning I found that it went 6 knots. "One hundred and forty four nautical miles in a day" he said "during which time I sleep, read and eat. I also do repairs and keep watch. In 21 days I can be more than 3000 N miles from here". I had never thought of it that way. Breathing in and out, sleeping, reading and just living and letting the wind take me away. I fell for it and went sailing. -Tom Swaim-

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Old Fools Journal: Waiting For Gustav

Waiting for Gustav

We who are about to die are going to get hammered first. The rain has started and I expect the next rain bands to arrive momentarily with wind. By morning I expect to be without electricity and the Internet. So I must hurry.

We spent the day securing the ship as we call it. We started out together as “Blue Water Sailors” so we use a lot of those terms. It was a hard day as we have become a little untidy in our aging process. Most things have been put away and the windows on the weather side of the house are boarded up.

We did not get the dogs washed so they are going to smell up the house but I did get myself washed because I was smelling up the house. From past experience it's probable that it will be the last hot bath for a while. We buy our power from a coop (SLECA) and they are really fast about getting power back. They however can only do what they can do.

If the property doesn't submerge we are prepared. If we are under water then that will be another kind of experience.

Our little house all boarded up

We are not from here so have no real ties to this place. We are here because of inertia but this place is a target and it may be time to move on once again. The stress of staying is getting to be to uncomfortable.

We are essentially under house arrest. There is a curfew from six pm to six am but even outside of that time wandering around is not allowed. Even with that we noticed a number of strange vehicles driving around in the neighborhood. One full of males really checking out everything. Her Highness discussed it with the Deputy that is patrolling here (a neighbor who's son comes and goes without knocking) and he had already heard about them and was on the look out.

One more thing before I go to bed to get a little sleep before the wind really starts.
-The officials keep telling us to get out but there is no fuel.-
-It has been predicted that more deaths will be counted because of the evacuation than from the storm.-
-Three deaths have already been counted evacuating patients.-RIP-
-In conversation here Axed = Ask. Do not be alarmed if someone axed you sumting.

If I still have Internet in the morning I will report but I doubt I will have power or phone lines.

Aeronaut, retired