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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Old Fools Journal: An Old Friend

Today I act as a Speaker for the Dead

This was posted to my blog at Bike Forums March 26, 2008
I have since found a few more photos and suffered a few memory attacks. You know, that's when you suddenly remember a snippet of something that's so far out of context that you wonder if it really happened at all and to who.

March 26, 2008 Bike forum blog

I had two lessons in the Buddhist tenet of impermanence i
n the last few days. One was, in the process of "fixing my computer until it's broke" I managed to not only wipe my data but also my backup data. What a relief. I no longer have to worry about it. It's like guarding a treasure that is suddenly stolen. Free at last.

The second was that an old f
riend died Easter day in California in a hospice. We have had a strained relationship for many years by his choosing. I think it was over my choice of women but in the old days we had many adventures together. He was one of the two man crew that sailed with me to Hawaii in 1977. The other man in that crew who now lives in Naples Florida called me last night with the news. We raised a glass to "Bob Moore" and talked story. Bob had a very interesting life which deserves a post of its own and maybe I will someday. No one will believe it because it will sound like fiction but the truth would not have to be stretched one bit in his remarkable story.

After that my computer problems didn't seem significant.

I thought I might write to my blog tonight but I just realized the piece I had been working on is history as in gone forever. Oh well maybe tomorrow I'll start it over. Maybe not. It was such a good piece.

Now for a bowl of soup and another glass of wine.

Please excuse the images. They are scanned from 35 y
ear old photos taken with a Brownie.

Bob at the wheel of the good ship "Serenity" my home for 13 years.

“Come on in. The water's fine” Bob lied as he stepped naked onto the deck. We knew he had lied because his genitals had moved north to somewhere behind his navel. 55 degree water. Catalina Island, my favorite.

Bob Said:
"Buy the wine I don't like so I won't drink so much.
Right now I don't care because I'm nekkid and in the pool with nekkid gurls and I can't get out because it would be too obvious that I like it."

He went flying with me one day and was amazed that all those clocks on the dashboard seem to mean something to me.
So I explained a little of it.
If my memory serves me right(not reliable) in less than 10 months he was a commercial pilot. Like everything else he was good at it.

Desert Hot Springs, Ca

The ship that we sailed.

Baths at sea. Taken in mid ocean. These guys were entirely too rugged for me. I heated water and took my shower in the bath.
The guy in the parka is not wearing it to prevent sunburn. It was cold and the pacific ocean that he is pouring out of the bucket is icy.

Bob the Masochist!

I am not prepared at this time to go on with Bob's story but there is much more to tell.
The other crew member, Bob and I made up the crew of the good ship “Serenity” that voyaged to Hawaii in 1977. It was a great adventure.

There is more to be said about these people and their respective wives and girl friends. There is much to tell and I have pictures.

Here's to Bob. Anthropologist, engineer, sailor, Baja 1000 racer, motorcycle racer, VW mechanic, business manager, computer expert, nudist, pilot, outdoors man and lover (at least that's what his girl friends and ex wife said). He attracted some of the highest quality women I have ever met. And now that I think of it he attracted some of the highest quality men as well.

I found him to be a reliable and honest man. Bob Moore 1976

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Old Fools Journal: Authur C Clarke

Authur C Clarke
December 16, 1917 - March 19, 2008 - 90.2575 orbits of Sol.

I am too puny and insignificant to write anything about Sir Authur but out of a great deal of respect for this man of the future I'm going to. He once said that he wanted to be remembered as a "Writer" and he will be.

He was born in the same year as my biological father and had an interesting life before I discovered his writing in the 1950's at about age twelve. That was about the same time that I lost my ability to fly, to become invisible, lost my x-ray vision and lost the ability to talk to animals. He was not the first to take me out into this universe and he wasn't the last but he was the best. I could always depend on him to keep his Science Fiction based in science. I sometimes claim that I have traveled to the stars and since I remember it then it must have happened. He gave me many of those memories.

Today he took me on another trip of self investigation into my on mortality.

I love his 10 word short story
"God said, 'Cancel Program GENESIS.' The universe ceased to exist."
Maybe his universe has ceased to exist but I doubt it.

I quote him often.

"Trousers are a Western absurdity."
Authur C Clarke of England and Ceylon

If you have not read any of his work the loss is yours.
Prelude to Space (1951)
The Sands of Mars (1951)
Islands in the Sky (1952)
Against the Fall of Night (1953)
Childhood's End (1953)
Earthlight (1955)
The City and the Stars (1956)
The Deep Range (1957)
A Fall of Moondust (1961)
Dolphin Island (1963)
Glide Path (1963)
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
Rendezvous with Rama (1972)
Imperial Earth (1975)
The Fountains of Paradise (1979)
2010: Odyssey Two (1982)
The Songs of Distant Earth (1986)
2061: Odyssey Three (1988)
A Meeting with Medusa (1988)
Cradle (1988) (withGentry Lee )
Rama II (1989) (with Gentry Lee)
Beyond the Fall of Night (1990) (with Gregory Benford)
The Ghost from the Grand Banks (1990)
The Garden of Rama (1991) (with Gentry Lee)
Rama Revealed (1993) (with Gentry Lee)
The Hammer of God (1993)
Richter 10 (1996) (with Mike McQuay)
3001: The Final Odyssey (1997)
The Trigger (1999) (with Michael P. Kube-McDowell)
The Light of Other Days (2000) (with Stephen Baxter)
Time's Eye (2003) (with Stephen Baxter)
Sunstorm (2005) (with Stephen Baxter)
Firstborn (2007) (with Stephen Baxter)
The Last Theorem (to be published in 2008) (with Frederik Pohl)

Long live Authur C Clarke.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Old Fools Journal: Nekkid Weather

March 17, 2008

Oh boy Nekkid weather is here, at least for today. It was 70 degrees this morning at 0700. I have been in nothing but shorts all day and no goosebumps even with a pretty good breeze. Nekkid weather is the weather for me.

The thing about Nekkid is its so sexy, arousing and sinful if you believe in the concept of sin. I don't.
Nude of course is being bare all over. Nothing but skin. No big thing. That's how you are born. That's how you get at the doctors office. If you are very, very poor that's how you are buried. Only the affluent are dressed up to be put out of sight forever. Nude is before paint.

Naked is a whole other thing. Implies vulnerability. Totally defenseless. Naked is the way the mythical Adam and Eve felt after the apple. Naked is how you feel when caught hands down by your future ex. Surprisingly Naked is how you feel when you surrender yourself without reservation to love. Suicidal total defenseless vulnerable Naked. If you haven't been there then you haven't been in love. At least not the way the Poets define it or me either for that matter. Few survive Naked.

Nekkid is being without clothing with a warm soft wind flowing over your body like the soft warm touch of a lovers fingers. Nekkid is risky as in "we might get caught but we are gonna do it anyhow". Nekkid is the feeling of riding your bike at night with no clothes feeling the wind on your body. Nekkid is riding a horse without clothes bareback in the middle of a warm sunny day. Nekkid is doing housework with no clothes, the door unlocked and blinds open in the middle of the day. You know you are not likely to get caught but it could happen. Nekkid is what children that are dressed by their mommies to go outside and play do. Children understand Nekkid. Nekkid is what you were when you took off all your clothes to run through the sprinklers in the park at midnight. Nekkid manifest itself in numerous ways. Nekkid is always good.

I have never understood why Nudist camps are called Nudist camps. They should be called Nekkid camps. People don't go there to just show skin they go to feel good. They can show skin in the shower at home or in the closet. In the past I have been a member and a regular at a Nudist camp and have been to numerous so called nude beaches. I went there to get "Nekkid" amongst other people who wanted to feel good.

Be a child Get Nekkid once in a while it will do you good. Be happy

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Old Fools Journal: A Nice Spring Day

March13, 2008

As Pogo would say " oh look Friday the 13th came on Thursday". If you remember what that's about then you are old.

I think spring is here. I see signs everywhere. The live oaks are raining leaves as the new ones come out and the other trees are sprouting little tiny green buds. The Jalapeno plant is busting a gut. However I don't feel my sap rising yet but then it hasn't risen in a long time.

Yesterday was a beautiful day so I took my camera with me on my rounds. I'm like an old tomcat in the winter I have to go out every now and then around my perimeter peeing on all the corners to reestablish that this area is mine. Like the old tomcat I don't know really know why I do it. I'm not looking for any new pussycats, I really don't want to get into fights, I don't do it at night because my night vision is not what it used to be and I'm not hunting for food as I am well overfed at home but it's genetically locked in and I have to do it. So anyway I took the camera and try as I could I wasn't able to get any really good positive pictures.

I did find some good trash to take home and revitalize which I did today in weather much the same as yesterday. In the process I met a really nice man that I couldn't wait to get away from. He was the owner of the trash. The problem was he was cutting down the trees in his yard. The house was nothing special but it was tidy, had nice lines, looked efficient and had absolutely nothing about it that was offensive. I would have been proud to live there. Its crowning glory and what made it special was the mature trees. An 18 inch diameter pine, a sycamore, a birch and willow. He was cutting them down because they were messy. Made me sick at my stomach. I'm messy would he cut me down? He was messy but I wouldn't cut him down. My trees are messy and if he owned these trees he would cut them down. If that's a tree hugger then I guess I'm a tree hugger. I always notice his house because it was so pleasant to look at. I never passed it without noticing it. I suspect that by now it blends in with the other tasteless trash around here.

The place I lived before moving here was owned b
y a man that believes in killing every green thing around the house so that those green things can't attack the house. He thought the termites used plants to destroy his property. We grew a huge gardenia that perfumed the entire yard. We protected a small tree in the back yard under the power lines insisting the the power company trim that tree around the power lines as it provided shade. They cheerfully did that. When we moved the owner cut it all down. The vining plants in the front went, the gardenia was cut and roots dug up so that it wouldn't grow back and the tree cut down and the stump poisoned. I had always thought of this man and his wife as kind of barren and they surely lived down to my expectations. Like the man cutting the trees because they were messy. He is a nice man but he has very different values than mine.

I did get a couple of pictures. One is what I call the bike path. Its that little 18 inch strip of asphalt between the white line on the side of the road and the ditch. The last rider that I know of that was forced into the ditch was killed.

The second is the shoulder on the other side. You can't ride in that stuff. You can't even walk in it.

The third pic is my faithful steed at the NO sign with the library and middle school in the background. I love the NO sign. Everything that is not forbidden is mandatory. I especially like that you can't ride bikes or anything with wheels on the concrete walk path. I have not in the last 10 years seen anyone walk on that sidewalk.
So one day while down there voting I decided to tak
e a chance and ride around it to measure how long it was. On my second time around the "Walk Path Police" showed up in the form of a fat old lady screeching at me to get off the sidewalk. Not another soul in sight then or anytime I've been there since. The only walkers I know of go to our sorry excuse for a mall and use their fat asses to power walk using their elbows to get those bothersome shoppers out of their way.

The close up of the NO sign is for your enjoyment. It's a little deteriorated but then everything in Louisiana but the casinos is deteriorated. I would go touch it up but that is illegal. That's just as well, I would be forced to add -NO fun- to it. This is not the longest -NO- sign that I have seen. The longest was in Hawaii. I didn't measure it but it had to be 10 feet long and fine print. After reading it my most favorite ex-girl friend and I decided that it was OK to stand still, breath and sweat. All other activity was forbidden.

I was just proof reading this post and I noticed th
at the NO sigh doesn't say anything about skate boards, skates or tricycles on the walk lRA l. You know what I'm thinking?

The last one is the closest thing I've seen to a bike rack here.
You will find this post in my other blog as well.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Old Fools Journal: Searching for Roots

This time of year is a time of contemplation and reflection for me which is usually brought on by not enough daylight to do something fun. Contemplation and reflection makes me sleepy. I seem to be having trouble with the dragging on of prespring weather. I never know if I will need my overcoat or shorts so I usually end up staring out the window until it's too late to do anything but take a nap. Today I decided to do something different so I brought out the old genealogy folder. An 8.5 inch by 11 inch by 1 inch thick folder of copys of old records of births, deaths and marriages that make nearly no sense to me. However my wonderful 82 year old aunt that compiled this mess has boiled it down so that even I can get some information from it. She is a wonder and joy and so sharp and smart that it's scary. She has been that way as long as I have known her which is about 64 years as near as I can calculate. I'll have to write about this woman sometime in the future for she is a story that needs telling. Well it got me interested in my roots yet again so I started back on my search for my lost family on my fathers side. I am not who my birth certificate says I am and it annoys me to no end. I am not unhappy with who it says I am but it is just a matter of misleading record keeping. In fact it's not record keeping at all it's a lie. Changing a childs name does not change the childs DNA but what it does do is muddy the water so that if you are trying to discover your past it is very difficult. I know it was done with good intentions but it was wrong.

OK that was the rant about record keeping. I feel better.

So as I was saying I have been searching for my lost relatives on my fathers side of the family which, by the way, I have fond memories of. I Goolged the family name and my first choice from 568,000 choices had my grandmothers name on it. The result of the message that displayed had enough information to tell me that I had found the mother-lode. After searching further, using information that I gleaned from that five year old post, I was able to track down my aunt and cousin. I have been searching for them for eight years. Unfortunately they are deceased. Poor me. I would so much love to talk to them especially my cousin as we shared a wonderful grandmother. I did get to talk to the husband of my cousin (they were married 51 years) and he is quite familiar with the family. I took to him immediately. He sent a file for me to peruse and what a surprise. All the perceptions and memories of my ancestors do not have to be adjusted a little or a lot. Instead they have to be deleted. All this time I thought I was Scots/Irish but it turns out that I have been Dutchified and French fried. Who would have thought it?
Includes a great grandfather that was a bonafide pirate. Just what every boy needs. I still haven't been able to find one shred of information about my father other than date and place of birth. There's just pirates, bootleggers and gospel preachers and no telling what else.

Why am I doing this? Probably a search for the truth. Or curiosity. All these years that I thought I was Scots/Irish and Cherokee is apparently wrong. There is a high probability that I am Dutch, French, Irish and Cherokee. Given the proclivity of all people to screw anything that is warm including the wood pile on a sunny day I'm not surprised or disappointed.

More on this later.
I did some routine maintenance on my bike the other day and while checking the tires I tried to rub some kind of mark off the sidewall and imagine my surprise when the sidewall came off. Maybe its time for some new tires. It is amazing to me how true these original equipment wheels stay. I occasionally have to tweak them but not very often. It looks like today is going to be a day to ride somewhere. This will be a utility ride because it will be to get out of doing any chores. My kind of utility. I want to be the best slacker I can be.

Twice a year the government disrupts my life with "daylight savings time". It seems to take me longer each year now to adjust.

We need not to be let alone. We need to be really bothered once in a while. How long is it since you were really bothered? About something important, about something real?
- Ray Bradbury

I think Mr Bradbury is right. Why am I concerned with Daylight Savings Time? It's such a piddly thing but it's the only piddly thing I've got. I think I'll take a nap and try to come up with something big to worry about.

I wanted to include a picture of my restored "Free Spirit" coaster bike. It's a full fendered, rusty,
well worn 26 inch with 1 3/8 tires. It's straight as it
can be. Unfortunately I can't because it's still
unrestored but I found this picture of how I see it
already. I think the girl is Dutch.

"Trousers are a Western absurdity."
Author C Clarke

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Old Fools Journal: Mom

March 4, 2008

The blue funk of winter finally took me down. It's a little late for me. I usually contemplate murder, mayhem and suicide in early February but we had some spats of good weather right up until February so it kind of threw me off. That and the first week of a severe diet topped by some dysfunctional family fun brought things to a head the first week in March. But its OK. My bike riding though sparse in February has improved a lot. It suddenly got easier and more satisfying. The garden is coming together. The first week of the diet is over and is now much easier. I'm still hungry much of the time but that will abate. The best part is the fat is starting to go. For those who would advise me about weight loss I know everything there is to know about loosing weight or at least all I want to know. I know that I have to be hungry to lose fat or take amphetamines. I had a go around with that in the fifties and thank you very much not again. You think quitting smoking is hard.

I thought that by the time I got to this age the hassles would be over. I firmly believe now that people do not die of old age they die to just get away for the constant same old bullshit going on and on and on and on. It would be at least somewhat challenging if the BS was new and different but its the same stuff over and over.

March 4, 1939
I don't know what I was thinking then or even if. I don't even know if I was anticipating the coming event that was about to happen. I was very young and that was a long time ago. In dragonfly years being something over 25,185 generations. In the 5 years I have taken to trying to remember that event however I am sorry to say that I have had no luck. I often state that I reserve the right to remember anything I want and to remember it as interesting as I want but in this case I haven't yet. I will speculate that about this time that Mom was hanging around the house not doing much, probably not making any plans for a night out as she was very pregnant. In a few hours she was going to get a wake up call and in about 9 hours (2:45am CST) she would be saddled with a screaming pissed off naked bundle of joy that couldn't talk, couldn't walk, wasn't house broke, didn't have any money, no job and was hungry all the time. Too late for the hospital Mom just laid back and let it go. She did call the Doc. Doctors made house calls in the olden times.

Oh yeah, the rumor that I was born in a hammock is not true. I started that rumor.

Tomorrow I will pull out my birth certificate and my baby book and honor my mother one more time. Looking over the birth certificate is a joke as it is a sworn certified lie. That is not my name as given me by my mother and father. The baby book was written by Mom so I at least I know some of the things I can't remember. She was a great mom. She was smart, capable, patient and very pretty. Have I mentioned yet that I miss her.

Thanks Mom.