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Friday, September 12, 2008

Old Fools Journal: Hurricane IKE

September 12, 2008
Hurricane IKE

one big ass sumbeach

I am so glad I am not in Galveston tonight. I have a story about Galveston but I can not tell it now. Having just gone through a direct hit by Gustav I find that I can not look away while this is going on but I want to. I will probably get drunk tonight trying to escape and that won't work either.

We are experiencing high winds and rain here in Bayou Blue so we are part of it. Trees stressed by Gustav are giving it up so it is not a good idea to stand under or downwind from one. The tree I live under had to be decapitated today. It still lives but for how long I don't know. It is probably about 70 years old and so am I.

My favorite niece is in direct line of this storm so I am especially concerned.

For those of you who think that it is stupid to stay just be aware that not all poor people are stupid. They just can not leave. Some older people just no longer wish to fight it anymore. I fall in that category.

If you are on tonight go here:

I am in my old (1951) Greyhound Bus and it feels like its going down the road.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Old Fools Journal: Gustav Aftermath

Gustav's Aftermath

Well we weren't wiped out but we were severely wiped. In other words we got the crapped beat out of us. 30 minutes more with 100mph winds the roof would have been gone and everything inside would have been sucked out. Details to follow.

September 1
0600 – light to moderate winds. Just a normal windy day.
0800 – watching the progress of Gustav on TV, Plenty of wind.
0815 – power dies, phone goes with it, more wind,. All that hype about having a hard wired phone is just that, hype. When the power goes the phone goes. The cell phone hung on for a few more hours. No reason now to hang on to ATT's land line except for DSL.
0930?? - called my daughter (on the cell phone) and gave her an update. Cell phone died right as I hung up.
1000 – 1200 – parts of the house are leaving, trees are shedding limbs, trees in the back (8 to 9 inch trunks) snapping like toothpicks. Roof is bucking like a bronco. It is nailed on so it is trying to put its nails into orbit. Not a good time to be outdoors.
It is the eye wall so it is a good time to hide. Even from a protected spot rain feels like buckshot.
1230 – wind reduced some but still more than 70mph with rain, roof panels curled and one is in the yard (tin roof)
1400 – wind much reduced and we can go out in it now. So probably less that 40mph. Rain.
1700 – raining
The dogs are still on the back porch and seemed happy there. We were prepared to bring them in but I think that would have caused them more problems than we or they needed. They were sheltered, dry and in a familiar place so to them it was just another crappy rainy day. They don't have TV and the media to get them all hyped up and all they wanted was their snacks.

Sounded like a cannon going off in the attic when this panel left

These two don't look like much but this is the side of house that was hit by 100mph wind and I imagine the pressure build up in the attic is what blew the panel off on the other side.

September 2
It rained steadily until midmorning. It was not heavy rain but it was steady.
When it lightened up a little and the wind that was associated with it subsided I manage to get some of the holes plugged in the roof but the damage is done. The insulation has puddles and the ceiling is coming down in the house.
No phone. No power. We do have water.

24 hour curfew. Where would I go. Maybe I won't have to shoot any looters.
The yard is trashed and there are lots of heavy dead branches in my beautiful Oak trees. They will have to be cleared professionally.
Removed window coverings. The destruction is depressing enough without being in a house with no windows.

September 3
The steady rain has stopped all together but still having showers. Light wind
It's my brides birthday. Happy birthday.

Dug out the generator that I haven't started since just after hurricane Rita in 2005. Hard to start. I had to pull it once. We are trying to save 300 dollars worth of food by burning 600 dollars worth of gasoline. Crazy. But the beer is cold and it is nice to have lights and a FAN. Its 90*F and 85% humidity. It does cool off at night.

More of getting things organized and picked up.
Cell phone came back but weakly. I have ATT and it isn't worth a crap. The only phone that works here consistently is Alltel and as oppose as I am to having a two year contract for a phone I am tempted.

Rode my bike around the neighborhood and there is lots of damage. Lots of compelling reasons not to live in a house trailer. An upside down house trailer looks like a dead bug. An exploded one is just obscene.

September 4
More work on the roof.

More clean up

Fixed the flat on my car. Seems that one of the missing roof nails is in my tire.

The difference between here and the fishing villages I visited and the fishing town where I lived in Mexico is that they had telephones, TV and electricity.

Not much news on the radio about the parishes (counties) the hurricane went through but plenty of stuff about New Orleans where they are still pissing and moaning about Katrina. Three years later it is time to get over it.

Baton Rouge is in the limelight as well. After all that is where the politicos live.
They sure do talk a lot.

September 5
People are coming back and seeing all the fun they missed. It appeared to me that more than 25% of the people in my neighborhood stayed. Probably because they didn't have the ability or money to go. Oh sure the government would take them but no one here trust the government to do anything much less do it right.

We do not have vehicles reliable enough to leave and even though we are in pretty good shape being on the road 18 hours to go 125 miles is more than we can bear. Depending on the government to take care of us was not an option. I would literally rather die. The storm was easier.

One of the complaints by one of the government evacuees “they ain't got no entertainment for us”. Give me a break.

The highlight of my day was that my friend Mickey and his wife returned to take care of their business and home. The did not come to stay, just to take care of things. They cleaned out their freezer and refrigerator and brought it to us. We have enough food as we were as prepared as we could afford to be but you have to understand that she is an eat coach and when she brings her food you are in for a treat. I had two outstanding meals today that were way better than I deserve.

To top it off they brought their generator and 25 gallons of gas. That is twice the size of mine so tonight I am composing as you can see. Three refrigerator/freezers are once again cold, there are lots of electric lights, our grandson and his friend are playing video games and there are multiple fans.
Those people increased the quality of our lives by at least 500 percent. I am in their debt. I'd kiss'm both right on the mouth but I am sure it would be more than they could deal with.

The phone came back on and the cell phone went to full bars at the same time. Hmmm

We have been inundated with mosquitoes and every other kind of bug tonight. I sprayed and withing a couple of minutes I counted over 50 dead mosquitoes. I am estimating that I just killed over 100 mosquitoes in my little space and another 100 other assorted bugs. That is not all however as they are still attacking my face. What is it with my face? All of this comes under the heading of cheap entertainment.

Now if I can just solve the wine and beer shortage

September 6, 2008
We solved the wine and beer shortage.
We went out into the world today and found some. We also found bread, a pretty important commodity if you want to make a sandwich. In our area ice and MRE's are plentiful. Two trucks have set up selling generators in central Bayou Blue.
There is gasoline.
We passed a half a mile of downed high tension power lines.

The Internet came back but if someone doesn't take care of this 1000 pound limb laying on the telephone line less than 20 feet from where I'm sitting it won't last long. So far they have looked at it and taken notes.

September 7, 2008
Friends saw to it the the roof was covered in plastic sheets today so at least the leaks will be stopped. Our first shower came just as the roof covering job was finished. How nice.

Power came back on. I have had a hot shower (first in a week) and I am posting this in air conditioned comfort.

I'll take some pictures of our new plastic roof tomorrow.

Ike is coming.

Aeronaut, retired