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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Old Fools Journal: Foolishness


I'm giving up my research into time travel for the time being because of an unreliable available supply of tin foil. There is a ready supply of aluminum foil but I need tin foil. What I have done so far is not lost however and will go into my archives. I believe I have perfected a cosmic ray deflector due to discovering that copper scrub pads make a easy cheap filter. I know that it works as I have not seen a cosmic ray around here. It also deflects elephants as they are noticeably absent. It seems to deflect intelligence as well as I have seen little of that lately.

The proof of that is observable in the idiotic smiles on the bicycle riding morons around this neighborhood. Glazed eyed smiling riders gliding around these new smooth streets abound. Streets that were nearly finished before someone in authority discovered that street improvements were being provided in a low wealth area. Well, that was the end of that and the street improvements came to an end leaving streets undone. It's done that way, I suppose, so that we don't forget what our status is. However, the damage was done and instead of sitting in their dark dingy hovels watching TV on their large screen HD sets, playing video games and smoking cigarettes bought with the money they received from selling their food stamps they are out riding bikes. Imagine that.

It is apparent to me that the field of Avionic Corsetry is wide open therefore I am going to try my hand at that incorporating my vast faulty knowledge in bicycle design as much as possible. I know nothing about the field but if todays politicians and news reporters are any example that should not be a hinderence.

Meanwhile between watching my “Hurricane Gustave” tomatoes make tomatoes, fixing things, picking up hurricane trash and taking naps I'm pretty busy. Oh yeah, when I have time I go watch the garlic and onions grow.

Sounds idyllic but all is not well. I miss my granddaughter Amanda so much that it is a constant drain on my sense of well being and there is not a damn thing I can do about it. It is only fitting punishment, I suppose, for neglecting my own grandparents.

On the bright side it's 67 degrees, sunny and I still have the Sunday funnies to read. Then maybe a little ride.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Old Fools Journal: Post Hurricane's Funk

"September 22, 2008
I have fallen into post disaster depression. I am out of adrenalin, energy and desire to fight so here I sit today amongst my hurri
cane generated trash in despair. I have no right as there are so many others who have lost so much more but I am weak. There is so much work staring me in the face that it is just overwhelming. It would be better if I had lost everything so I could just walk away.

Of course it would be easier if I had lost my life. No worries. No facing rebuilding.
That's just the depression talking of course. A few
dry sunny days and something to make me laugh and like a worker ant I'll be right back to rebuilding the ant hill.

Even in this funk I am always aware that so many lost so much.

Time to stop dragging my butt
and get busy."

October 6
The above was written a couple of weeks ago but sitting here with a weeks worth of clear, dry, 80 degree days I wonder why I felt that way. Enough debris has been picked up so I can get around on my bike and that hasn't hurt my attitude.

Autumn has arrived and my hurricane Gustave tomatoes are doing great even the ones I put in this crap they call soil here.

See the little tomato at bottom center of picture

Fall spinach and radishes are coming up but what is really amazing is that the plants that stood out in the full force of the wind are doing great. That includes some mustard, a bunch of tomatoes and 30 inch tall asparagus. The asparagus really took a beating. The stalks went around in a circle and formed a funnel at the base of the stalk about 3 inches across and 3 inches deep perfectly formed with smooth sides. It's growing like crazy now and appears to have no damage to the stalk. The oak trees are leafing out but its only about 50 percent of what it was.

The trees that broke off (She Who Must Be Obeyed calls them money trees) at about 10 feet think its spring and are blooming.
Like me with morning after hangover they are trying to reproduce themselves because they think they are dying. When I can get some help I'm going to trim them only enough for safety and see if they survive. I was trimmed almost 40 years ago and I survived. I'm safer too.

Those little white dots are blossoms.


Talking to some dear friends on the telephone for hours has not hurt my attitude either. I sometimes forget that talking to or seeing those people that make your chest feel good is the best therapy. Way better than drugs. Just thinking about them and our conversations lightens the load.

I know it's Autumn because the St Augustine weed we call grass that needed mowing every 4 or 5 days stopped growing. You could hear the screeching of the brakes as it put them on.


It's more on the fence than the roof. That post is
embedded in concrete but it moved.

I spent the last day of September taking the trampoline off the shed roof. I wanted to leave it up there as a reminder but I need to repair the little bit of damage before it rains again. I built that shed and I guess I did all right because its still there even after being slammed into by a 10 foot trampoline. It was blowing hard enough to stress a couple of the springs on the trampoline beyond their ability to return. SWMBO is making noises about putting it back together but I think the trampoline is history.

The Parish(county) is picking up the rubble, we are stacking firewood for this winters weeny roasts and I'm even going to get some usefully items out of these oak pieces.I have at least one blank for a hand carved slingshot. Something to do with my hands, besides scratching, at cocktail hour.

Potted plant stands

Working mostly at night I have finished sewing a new very light summer kilt for working in the garden just when it's getting too cool for such a thing. Its in camouflage so that it camouflages the dirt and it is so thin you can see through it but Kilts are double and triple layers so modesty is preserved as if I had any. It's a reverse kingussie with 14 pleats showing all pointing to the back center reversed box pleat. I may put some pockets in this one but since I wear a shop apron most of the time it hardly seems necessary. Which reminds me A Steam Punk killer shop apron is next on the things to sew list. Now if I just had a steam powered sewing machine. I have plenty of firewood for the firebox.


I sent
this to my cousin recently and I would like to submit it here as something that you might come to realize after a close encounter with natures indifference.

If Gustav had have been a Cat 5 we would not be here. If I had thought it would have been a Cat 5 I would not have stayed. It came on as was predicted and it worked out.

We are insured thanks to my daughter. We'll see how well that works out as I think insurance company's rank right up there with lawyers and televangelist.
We are doing OK and on the grand scale of things we are only inconvenienced. We lost nothing of importance, we always had enough food to feed half of Ethiopia, we burnt enough gasoline to power a small village in Mexico, drank as much alcoholic beverages as we wanted and in general lived better than 99 percent of the world population. I have to say that I am ashamed.
Actually I do believe in prayer just not the same way you do. All prayers are good. Gods and religion have nothing to do with it
. Thank you for your prayers. All prayers work.
Do not worry about your financial condition. It will make you unhappy. Do not worry about about your foundation or your sewer line. If crap stills fa
lls out of your butt everything else is a luxury."
My bicycle is a useful multi-tool.

My bike has been working well with the trailer carrying some pretty heavy loads. This one probably only weighs about 85 pounds and was intended to be an anvil stand. I ended up using a larger diameter heavier one.

I could lift it but I couldn't move. Other loads were in excess of 100 pounds. This trailer was a find and I'm sure it was a kiddy trailer originally. When I got it the bed was a deteriorating irregular piece of plywood. It currently has a bed made of 1x6 pine made up to carry these loads. I have some aluminum that closed off the air conditioning ducting in my old GMC bus (retired Greyhound) that is intended for the trailer and maybe someday I'll get around to it. Right now there are more pressing issues such as a new roof on my hovel besides the pine is about the same weight.


I have not been posting as often as I like due to time constraints even though I have a bit of stuff already written. Things such as sitting around feeling sorry for myself, drinking wine, taking naps, playing in the dirt and just generally screwing off take up a lot of time. Not to mention that my eyes are going south on me and reading is really a chore much of the time. I hope to be back to writing lies, fabrications, half truths and general drivel more often soon.