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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Old Fools Journal: Gone Fishin'

March 7, 2009 Saturday

Went fishing today. Not because I wanted to but because my wifemate invited me. It was just us and that is so rare I couldn't resist. It was a nice day, sunny but windy so the fish didn't bite. I mostly stayed out of the wind and read a book because since my sailing days I have developed a strong aversion to wind. Makes me irritable (a nice word for grumpy old fart).

SHE caught one little bitty fish and released it but that doesn't matter SHE was radient in her happiness today as SHE was in her element and that makes me young.

She caught 8 blue crabs that are being turned into crab and shrimp gumbo as I write this. The shrimp came from the freezer but are local shrimp caught last season and the sausage is local made. No license is required for crabbing and they are plentiful. SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) loves these crab but I find them to be a lot like most oranges just too much trouble. You use more energy eating them than you get out of them. Dungeness and King crab are my favorite.
I bought a fishing license today, my first. I have been fishing (pacific ocean, Hawaii, Sea of Cortez) since the mid 1970's but

Bought fishing license here along with beer, bait and ice.

this is my first license. It cost $5.00 (senior citizen resident) and for some reason I'm kind of proud of it. My fishing in the past has been for food and I suppose it still is. When I was cruising on the good ship Serenity I fished for food meaning there was no sport involved. I set up deadly rigs and if the fish chose to try to kill my bait I killed and ate them. Mostly they didn't bother but when they did we feasted. I just don't see gathering food as a sport.

This license also says I can kill Bambi's mother, Peter Rabbit and other assorted wild animals that I wouldn't eat. I am not going to do that but I am licensed by the State of Louisiana to do so. I am an omnivore therefore I eat meat and I have killed, cleaned and cut up enough meat to know what is involved but hunting ain't my thang.

March 8, 2209 Sunday

We ate the gumbo last night and it was the best I have had I think. SWMBO makes clear broth gumbo and she really knows how to do it. The okra came from our garden last year. I don't garden for sport either.

I included this picture for the view of the trailer on stilts. everything is being put on stilts now and for good reason. The water gets very high when the hurricanes hit. Notice I said when not if.
Picture is from the dock where we crabbed looking west across Tou Lou Lou Lane a few miles north of Cocodrie, La. Don't see many jet setters this far down the bayou.