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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Old Fools Journal: Last Days of Winter

Wednesday March 18, 2009

Last Days Of Winter.

Signs of Spring at Sears. Soon there will be sounds of spring as fat, underexercised people will be riding these around postage stamp yards.

The last days of winter and it is a beautiful day. I have had an ear infection that took 75% of my hearing during this last week but I'm getting it back. Four days of rain is over and it didn't harm my new plants and Friday is spring. yippee. Things are looking up for me and my bride.

I snapped this at the clinic when I was having my ears checked and trying to maybe get some help. This child was at peace with the world. I got a prescription for some pills that I could afford and some ear drops that I couldn't ($141.00). What could that doctor be thinking? This was at a clinic for poor people. At least the antibiotics seem to be working.

I rode today and it was perfect. The plan was to go to SWMBO's (she who must be obeyed) work place and show my appreciation for her checking on me this morning to see if I was alive or dead. I don't usually sleep in but this morning I did and it must have alarmed her. She got a lot of mileage out of it at work though explaining her dilemma deciding whether to check before going to work or to wait until she got home. They all, of course, said it was better to wait until after work because she would need the money. This line of thinking is linked to the fact that I just had my 70th birthday so I am an official geezer and will probably fall over dead any minute.

After that I was to go to the library, turn in my latest book and order the next in the series. I have to order it because they never have what I want in this branch. The last time I checked I was one of 10 people that check out books at this branch.

People come here to use the computer or check out movies. I have never seen anyone else reading in this branch. I read magazines there as I have been doing in various libraries across the United States for the last 60 years. I think I am one of the 10 people that read in the state of Louisiana. I've got to get out of here.

I was to pickup dog and cat food on the way home. Unfortunately for the dogs and cats I found this pile of bricks that were thrown out. Why would anyone throw away these beautiful bricks? Anyway the dogs and cats can wait until tomorrow when I go back to pick up my new book.

Cornbread and pinto beans for dinner tonight with our on homegrown green onions and cilantro. Life is good.


Little Spoon said...

Now I want to see what you do with the bricks. I was a little worried about you since you hadn't posted since Friday the 13th. I'm glad you are okay and feeling better. Somebody ought to punch your doctor in the face. It's ridiculous to prescribe medication someone can't afford and who the hell can afford $141 for ear drops?

~volunteers to be the puncher~

Oldfool said...

Like all the doctors I have known in the last 20 years he is clueless. He is a nice young man and I doubt that hitting him would change that.
Doctors in the U.S. that I have dealt with were not called to the profession by anything except money and prestige as near as I can tell. The doctor experience in Mexico was much different. We actually had a doctor come to our house one time because the next door neighbors thought that SWMBO was sick. They called their doctor and he came, gave her a check up and a shot at no charge. She was indeed sick.