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-Mark Twain-

My new years resolution is the same every year and I always keep it. It is "I resolve to make no New Years resolution". -tom swaim-

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Old Fools Journal: Another Road Trip of sorts.

This is not how you want to see your car. My thanks to Outlaw Towing and their prompt and courteous service.

I went to pick up Her Highness the Princess and it seemed a little much for this nearly new vehicle(22 years new). It started after about 100 miles by towing a tail of haze that looked like smoke but no other symptoms so with a reduction in speed I pressed on. On arriving at the Princesses northern home I found that the rear window washer tank had ruptured and was spreading a trail of mist behind me. What a relief. With the last of the water gone(I thought) there was no more mist tail but as we were descending the western side of the Mississippi bridge it started again. The bridge is high so I thought the pitch up and then back down had moved the remaining water around and was again spraying the traffic behind me. That was too simple.

Upon reaching the stop sign in the wide spot called Chackbay something was terribly wrong. The car would go but it didn't like it and it was obviously a transmission problem. Coasting to a stop in front of the convenience store and fuel stop in Chackbay. Checking the transmission fluid level found no transmission fluid. 150 miles earlier it had been full. Oh well no problem I'll just put some in and get it fixed tomorrow. Riiight.

After pouring a quart of transmission oil through the transmission and creating a giant lake of oil under the car it was time for the above pictured action.For her Highness it was just another adventure with grandpa. When school starts she will have just one more thing to tell about when asked "What did you do on your summer vacation?". So ar she has been to Disney World, got to ride in a tow truck and is now at a KOA camp with her brother (who is 16 today) and grandma (She Who Must Be Obeyed).

I don't know why SWMBO calls it a vacation. She spent a month preparing for it. She literally filled the living room and most of her bedroom with stuff leaving only a path. When she loaded her half ton pickup it was stacked to the top of the cab. I asked if she would like for me to unbolt the kitchen sink so she could take it too. I won't repeat her reply. I didn't think of taking a picture until they were out of sight but I'll get one when they get back and post it because you've got to see this.

Thankfully I had the good sense to not go besides someone has to stay home to feed the dog pack and their cats.

The red Bronco II is home already. One day, $458 and it's fixed. The front transmission seal was the culprit. I can live without a car but it is severely inconvenient and degrades the quality of my life severely. Living here one needs a car more than a house and that's sad. You can live in your car but you can't drive your house.

Standby for the continuing saga of ill fated road trips as I have to deliver the Princess next weekend. I'm already getting stressed.
There was an interesting sunset. It's is setting behind the edge of the granddaddy of all thunderstorms. This storm started in the morning somewhere near St John and is now west of Thibadoux around New Iberia .


Big Oak said...

My dad once told me that one of the benefits of owning a complicated mechanical device such as a car is the opportunity to support the community by paying lots of money to keep it running. Good luck on the return journey. Don't forget to fill the rear windshield washer reservoir.

Oldfool said...

Believe me I have supported the community plenty. I am currently writing a post about the cars I have owned (34 at last count) but it is taking forever. Oh the money I have spent that I have nothing to show for. That doesn't even take into account the busted knuckles.

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