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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Old Fools Journal: Cargo Bike Update #3 I think

The temperature climbed into the 40's this week so I took the long bike to the local market for another trial run. This time I rigged an additional basket and really loaded it up. It was too much for the bracket that the center stand was attached to. The center stand held up alright but that flimsy little piece of mild steel did not. I fixed it and worked off some frustration as well.
I took my BA hammer (bigasshammer) and beat it into submission first, then used this kickstand part I took off a 1980's something Sears and Roebuck Free Spirit. The bike stands up proud again.
This growth on the side of the bike is my version of a side loader. It is not an original idea but I am sorry to say I don't know where I got the idea. I saw it online somewhere and I have searched diligently but cannot find it. If anyone should happen to know who posted this please let me know so I can give credit. I'm not smart enough to think this up.

It is a folding wall hanger for a bicycle and cost $6.02 USD plus tax license and dealer prep in Lowe's hardware. I attached it to the frame with various pieces of hardware from my junk box.
When it swings down it makes a place to put stuff.
Such as a propane tank.
It does throw the bike off balance a bit. This is a full tank and the bike needs the aid of one of my rustic homemade crooked walking sticks to keep it from falling over like a dead bug. As soon as I started riding I hardly noticed it was there.So now I guess I can't sell or give away this walking stick. I made so many of these Hurricane Gustave live oak walking sticks I thought I might sell them on ETSY but I keep finding uses for them. Oh well this one is no longer a walking stick. It is now a auxiliary cargo bike stand. It will come in handy for bashing yappers that like to nip at my heels as well.

Things I don't like: It has to be down to use the basket. When the basket is in use the side loader pretty much can't be used.

This is by no means finished but is more a proof of concept. I will probably change it to the other side so that it falls toward me instead of away when loading or coming off the kickstand. I mount from the left side, an old habit from riding horses plus that's where the kickstand is on a regular bike.

I think maybe I'm going to tear the rack area down and start over. I can do better. Besides my grandson gave me a used up skateboard. I still have the front rack to go as well. What fun. Details to follow.


Brian and Monica said...

Cool bike! I like the folding side loader. I saw a gary fisher cargo bike prototype on the web a while back that had something similar. I thought about trying to make one for a while but never got around to it.

Northmark said...

Impressive stuff. And love the propane bit.

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