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Friday, November 26, 2010

Old Fools Journal: Bike Hack and odds and ends or I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving too

This rack is made from an old skateboard discarded by my grandson. You don't think I ride those things I hope.
He has not yet reach the pain threshold that I have. I like having the old boards as they are strong and light.

The brackets came off an old Home Depot saw table. The kind you put a hand circular saw in. I use it in Mexico when I was building the palapa to make sized lumber. The only thing I could get down there was some really hard Mexican rough cut 2 X 5's and some rough pine from Oregon. When I say hard 2 X 5 I mean hard. We had to drill each nail hole as you could not drive a nail into this stuff. The Oregon pine came as 1" X 12'' sixteen feet long or 2" X 12" sixteen feet long. My madera dealer planed them for me and I used the saw table to cut them to sized lumber. Everyday that I worked one half day was making lumber the other half was building the palapa.

I bought the table in the '80's for $14.95 and took it apart for salvage last year. I think I got my money's worth. The braces you see here will live on as a rear rack on my three speed along with the used up skateboard. Other parts of the saw table have been used in other projects and some are still hanging around.

The rack is lighter than the cheap steel racks I've bought and I think it's stronger. I have tested it so far to 200 pounds.

The tractor trailer rig in use delivering the old pedicab frame to a neighbor. He says he is going to try to do something with it. I hope so. Discard nothing or in the vernacular of the peasants "don't never throw nothing away".
It has been wet here and with the land raping project going on next door covering us with tons of dirt and the rain I am sprouting plants everywhere. The wood laying on the tire drying is for the next cold spell.
Cute little thing but it has to go otherwise it will pry my bus apart.
Did I mention it has been wet? I tried to get a picture of the frog and the bug it was stalking. He struck when I clicked the shutter and was so quick it did not even blur. He has already forgotten that he just ate.
This is one of the reasons that children and young ladies think old men are such nasty creatures. I am in very good health and pretty strong but if I so much as touch anything with my forearms or the backs of my hands this kind of bruising occurs. It's instant and it's painful. In this case I just brushed a door knob lightly as I walked by. Another downside to old age is if there is anything pointy or sharp around I bleed. You can imagine what I must look like after a few days in the bike shed.
My independent eyeball (lower left corner) watches me and I watch it. When I stare into it's iris I can see this universe and sometimes other universes as well but when this came on the screen it's attention was instantly drawn away. I think it might be fickle but I don't know. It may have thought it saw it's god. As soon as I took the image away everything seemed to go back to normal. I hope so as "Senor Ojo Grande" and Naomi the Nutria are my companions. Neither says much.
Thanksgiving day SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) boiled a turkey in oil. It was already dead so it seemed the thing to do. I sipped Cabernet Sauvignon she brought for me and watched. If I do anything other than set up, tear down and otherwise what I'm told she gets really cranky.

This turkey is looking at the delicious turkey in the oil. I am such a cannibal. That foot looks pretty good too. I probably won't get to eat it but I have tasted it in the past and it is delicious.

The next cold snap is here and there is a fire in the stove. I am about to have some of that left over fried turkey and corn on the cob for lunch. I had the dressing, rolls and sausage gravy for breakfast. It's a real chore but someone has to do it.

There are rumors of a pecan pie later today.


Rat Trap Press said...

Nice job on the rear rack. I could really use a flatbed bike trailer like yours for hauling stuff back from garage sales.

Emmy said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Oldfool :)

workbike said...

Serious pedicab frame envy going on now.

Funny, you can put me in a Porsche showroom and I'll yawn, but a rusty old pedicab frame...

Ben in Texas said...

What in the World is the independent eyeball you mentioned? just you making a joke or some news watcher program?

Lord Wellbourne said...

Must've been a tough choice between the turkey and the foot....You're so civilized-waiting for the turkey to be deceased before boiling it in oil. Up here we throw them lobsters into boiling water still squirming. Bwa hahaha!

Steven Cain said...

I love rumors of pecan pie later.

Thanks for the heads up on the bleeding and bruising. One more thing to look forward to. I already bruise pretty easy... very lean I am, I am.

Sweet recycled skateboard... nice work. I agree with Workbike on the pedicab frame envy. I could hook that to a goat!

Ed said...

"I am in very good health and pretty strong but if I so much as touch anything with my forearms or the backs of my hands this kind of bruising occurs. It's instant and it's painful."

I have the same affliction, more so on the right than the left. I have also broken the skin and be bleeding like I have been seriously injured and not know it.

Chandra said...

Great trailer! Happy Thanksgiving to you also.

Peace :)

Johann Rissik said...

You have destroyed an image I have come to cherish, that of you flying along on a skateboard, moustache trailing in the breeze. But I'll live.Sounds like your thanksgiving was hell ;)

PaddyAnne said...

I love your skateboard bike rack.

Gwen Buchanan said...

wow.. boiling a turkey.. I live a sheltered life cause that is the first time I saw that.. is it quicker than in the oven...

you are so amusing and inventive.. people must come to your place for the shear entertainment value...
sorry your arm is hurt... try not to run into things..... but ever since I needed to wear glasses for reading.. crap.. I have been running into things too.. what fun this aging thing...

Oldfool said...

The trailer was a found item. I think it must have been a commercial one originally. The wheels pop off and the tongue folds so it is a small package to store. It lived in a ditch a long time before I got it.

The skateboard rack is the second time for me. I like it. It's long so it is hand for bulky items and it's wide so it makes a good seat.

Ben: The little eyeball down in the lower left corner is my constant companion. I will never have an association with a news watching program. I believe Thoreau was right and that it makes no difference whether you know what the news is or not.

The only skateboard I plan to ride is the one on the back of that bike if I can get some other fool to peddle.

The pecan pie work out to 4400 calories. It's going to take a long time to eat it. 1/8 slice is more calories that I eat at any given meal.

Oldfool said...

I sent this email to Gwen and I see no reason it shouldn't be here as well.

Aloha Gwen,
Boiled in oil is just another way of saying deep fried. It's common here. Every year a number of house trailers are burned trying to do it indoors.

That was a 13 pound turkey at room temperature and it took about 35 minutes. They come out very juicy and the skin is crispy deliciousness. They always come out cooked to the bone. Four of us disappeared it in 4 days. Her majesty the cook didn't bother with side dishes other than cornbread dressing made with chicken gizzards and there is plenty of that left. The dogs ate the bones and they are working on the dressing.

The problem is with the pecan pie. It's 550 calories for a 1/8 of a pie and that's a very small piece. I can only have a slice every day or so as I limit my intake to under 2000 calories a day including wine. Oh well, it's so full of sugar that it keeps forever in the refrigerator.

Being old is not so hard. It's getting old that's hard but you'll reach a turning point in due time and It's just coasting from there. At least that's what the "wise ones" told me. I find that from time to time I need a little chemical help.

I follow your blog without fail and I find you and your mate very inspiring. I'm not much of an artist but I copy those that are shamelessly.

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