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-Mark Twain-

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Old Fools Journal: How I almost made it to the first grade without Fire Department intervention


Like all children I loved matches. A shed full of newspapers and old heaters and a five year old with a box of kitchen matches now doesn't that sound like fun? I can tell you that it taught me a lesson. My sister still likes to remind me of that debacle. I still get that awful feeling in my chest when I think of it and that was 66 years ago. I can still see that beautiful fire. At least I got to meet some firemen. They saved the building. I don't remember what the punishment was because that was secondary to the feeling of being out of control. It has never happened again except for that time at Mammoth Lakes. That wasn't out of control as I managed to not burn up anything but I did melt a snowbank.

Fire is what shaped humans as we are adapted to and eat cooked food. We eat everything every other animal eats only we cook it and have since the use of fire was discovered. We are more of fire than we know. When asked what my dietary requirements and preferences are I reply COOKED.
After breakfast I was inspired to fix this minimal door latch. This thing is a real finger burner and it doesn't latch well. Because I never throw anything away I have a box of springs. So while I was laying in the bed this morning trying to decide whether I was dead or not I remembered some old valve springs in that box that would probably make a good handle. So at the early hour of eleven o'clock I went rummaging.
What I found was a cord protector from an old broken crock pot that I had salvaged the aluminum, the switch and other odd bits from. This part held the cord where it entered the bottom of the pot. A little bending , a little cutting and a lot of liberal cursing (ever try to make a spring bend to your will with a hammer?) and it looks as if it were original equipment. All it needs is a precious stone in the end to dress it up a little. An emerald or a ruby would be nice but I did not find any of those in my "away" boxes.

A little hammering and prying here and there and I have a new and improved door and latch. I just love things I can fix with a hammer.

Never throw anything away. Now I think I'll set fire to the stove and have a glass of wine.


Gwen Buchanan said...

I second that.

my oldest son, when he was a young boy, had a thing for matches.. every chance he got.. he would try to start a fire..
I am not saying that is how our , house burnt down those long years ago... no one ever owned up... but when fire wants to take off, we sure know who's boss.

You were damn lucky, you were.

Steven Cain said...

Oooo, that breakfast looks good. So does that handle... like the real deal. I don't cook with my stove enough... hell, I don't cook much any more period. I've made ash bread and roasted taters a bird and peanuts, all of which were great fun. And boy does that hickory and cherry make it taste good. But lately she just heats the house.

Gwen Buchanan said...

oh and excellent new handle job.. I like that1

Steve A said...

My oldest daughter got introduced to the fire department the day before she started kindergarten.

rlove2bike said...

Breakfast looks good, although I like breakfast anytime of the day.

Emmy said...

I love that you managed to melt a snow bank! I was the kid who never played with matches because I was always terrified of getting burned. Breakfast looks yummy, though, and I love the new door handle!

Lord Wellbourne said...

My older brother had a thing for the Spanish Inquisition as a kid. I had no idea that so many of my stuffed animals were heretics and had to die at the stake.

And HE freaked out years later when we had chickens and I was in my French Revolution phase...

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