New Year's is a harmless annual institution, of no particular use to anybody save as a scapegoat for promiscuous drunks, and friendly calls and humbug resolutions.
-Mark Twain-

My new years resolution is the same every year and I always keep it. It is "I resolve to make no New Years resolution". -tom swaim-

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Old Fools Journal: Jimmie

Jimmie knew early on that he was different somehow but being very young he just didn't think about it much. His first clue was when he noticed that flies and mosquitoes did not seem to hang around him and when they did they just kind of went away. He did not question it.

When he was around eleven years old and starting to really notice girls was when he first noticed his difference or as some would say his talent. The little blond haired delight that he saw on weekends at the library was trying to read but a pesky fruit fly kept buzzing around her eyes. Jimmie hated that fruit fly. He became obsessed with it. He stared at it and wished it away. What happened next was just the tiniest puff of smoke smaller that the head of a pin and the fruit fly was gone.

Startled Jimmie went back to pretending to read his book. Jimmie now had something far bigger to think about than puberty. He eventually decided that what he saw hadn't happened that it was just a trick his eyes had played but then he saw that the girl that had taken his heart and that he didn't even know had another pesky fly. She was gently waving her hand back and forth keeping it away while continuing to read. Jimmie was concentrating again. It took a just second but there it went again. The smoke was so small that if you were not looking right at it the instant it appeared you would never see it. Jimmie was on to something.

Jimmie was a reader so he knew that if this was true it was best to keep his mouth shut. It was one of those thing, like masturbation or his not believing what they said at church, that this was best not talked about. So he let it lie. That very day however he summoned the courage to speak to that girl. He told her that if he could sit at her table the flies would stay away as they didn't seem to like him much. She said "my name is Janie and I don't believe it but OK". The flies went or stayed away Jimmie made sure of that and she was impressed. So began a special friendship but that is another story.

Jimmie was so taken with Janie that he put the fly incident away in a corner of his mind where it went unthought of for quite a long time. Flies, mosquitoes and wasps too stayed away unnoticed by Jimmie or anyone else for that matter. Those insects just seem to know and those that didn't just disappeared. They disappeared without Jimmie even knowing that he disappeared them.

One day about a year later things escalated. While walking home Jimmie was cutting across a vacant lot that had an old run down shed. The boys had used it off an on over the years as a hide out, clubhouse and hiding place. The place was full now of very aggressive wasp. As Jimmie was walking by the door burst open and one of the smaller neighbor kids came running out screaming with a whole swarm of angry wasp right behind him. The kid ran right in front of Jimmie. The wasp divided and went around him. Not a single one one went near him. He started running after the boy thinking that if he could grab him the wasp would leave him alone and he was probably right but we'll never know. His thought now were only on the wasp cloud that he wanted to go away and they did. This time it was a large cloud of smoke. Very noticeable. The kid the wasp were chasing just kept running and never saw it. His friend Kennie who was coming along behind him did.

Kennie did not read well, did not do well in school but was a really nice guy. He was late getting out of school that day because he was such a nice guy his teacher had given him some extra work to help him make a passing grade. He thought nothing of the smoke which quickly dissipated or the wasp. He just wanted to know why Jimmie was chasing that little kid. Jimmie told the story. Just as Jimmie had thought Kennie didn't believe a word of it even though he had seen the wasp incinerated. Kennie like Janie didn't understand why he like to be around Jimmie. He just knew it was a comfortable place.

Jimmie began to practice and soon there wasn't anything to practice on. He had killed off most of the pest to the point that their breeding cycle was broken. They weren't eliminated but there was a lot less of them.

Other pest presented themselves. One of note and the scariest one of all was the pesky little ankle bitter rat dog that nipped at every kid that walked down the street. He hadn't brought blood but his bite hurt. One day while nipping at Jimmies heels he went up in smoke. This time it was different there was a smell of burning hair. Kennie saw it. Jimmie said it must have been caused by the thing that "everybody" knew lived in the culvert. Kennie didn't believe that but these days he had Janie on his mind so thinking about this was just too much trouble.

They grew up Kennie and Janie decide they were meant for each other and got married. Jimmie finish school but that didn't matter as he invented some kind of gadget that took off so he had plenty. Life was too easy. While dozing by the pool one lazy summer afternoon half a sleep Jimmie wish away a nat. Only it wasn't a nat. What Jimmie thought was a nat right in front of his eyes was in fact an airplane five miles away. It went away. It was the beginning of the end of Jimmie.

The headlines read "Mysterious Explosion Destroys Airliner". The details listed Kennie and Janie on the passenger list. It wasn't long before Jimmie wished himself away.


Chandra said...

Very interesting post! My father always maintained that if he wished he didn't have to go into work on any given day (he didn't wish it often), something terrible happened at work. Usually, someone passed, either at work or someone important passed.

Strange but true!

Peace :)

Steven Cain said...

Are we back on the TSA thing again? Ha!

It goes against everything I've been taught to simply say 'I like it'. But I'll leave it at that... unless of course...

Jon said...

Steven King on the bayou. I like it!

Lord Wellbourne said...

Excellent! Bravo! Had me from the start.

Ben in Texas said...

Loved it!!! More! More!. Had me from the fist sentence.

Emmy said...

What an amazing story! You had me captivated the entire time! Please post another :)

Oldfool said...

Jimmie, like George in a prior post, came to me one day in a day dream. He, like George, became real only now George is still bumbling around but Jimmie is gone.
The problem is I grieve for him. Somehow my mind knows he is imaginary but still feels for him as if he is real. He has a face,a,personality and a history. This is dangerous territory for me as I already dream dreams that become so real that they go down in my memory as real experiences.
Thanks to all but I can't do this on demand. The story comes and goes down on paper of it's own freewill or whatever passes for freewill.
Nuts huh?

Lord Wellbourne said...

Couldn't Jimmie just think himself back into existance? You know, like, someone's cooking on a newly installed wood stove and someone forgets to open the round filter thingy and there's some smoke and--there's Jimmy! He continues to have adventures but, having been smoked once, doesn't remember what happened before......They do it on soaps all the time...oh, and Dallas

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