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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Old Fools Journal: Veterans Day

There is another post almost ready of our naval hero but today being Veterans Day I decided that instead of reading over once more of that young man who was once me but now is another person in the distant past that I would go for a bike ride. Besides as you can see it is a beautiful day sunny with 74*F (23C) and a light breeze. Look at that sky.
I had no real destination but following known light traffic routes brought me here once again. The walking track at what is called the Bayou Blue Recreational Park I believe. The sign says nothing but feet allowed on that poorly maintained walking track. No humans here so I'm going to ride on it anyway. Nobody walks here. The walking track needs to be scraped and a skateboard park put in instead. They have a ball diamond here but I've never seen anyone play ball. A bike park there would be used daily. There is another small walking track that I was ejected from a couple of years ago. Nobody walks there either. I guess I was disturbing the ants that were pushing mounds up through the cracks.
Does that mean me? Not a living soul in sight so I think I'll ride down there. I'm not treated as a vehicle anywhere else so why here. I like the colors.

I like the reward. This live oak (my favorite tree is live oak) provides me shade in the summer.
When I need some moss for decorative purposes I can get it here.
I used to see other people here before the signs went up.
They were always in the ever present pickup truck. Nobody comes here now as it would require walking a 1000 feet. There must not be any fish here as I never see anyone fishing.
Does that sign mean me. I think not. These people are too old for me. Besides an old guy with long hair that rides a bike is just too weird. The sign on the door tells me that bingo is the excitement here.
This is the smoking room for the middle school next door otherwise known as the Bayou Blue Library. These employees of the school trek over from the school to suck cigarettes in front of the library door fouling the air for the library patrons because smoking is not allowed on school grounds. My guess is that all the teachers and half the students smoke cigarettes.

This being veterans day the ladies in charge (no librarians here) in the library had coffee and donuts. Only in Louisiana would a library not have a librarian. Being a vet I had my picture taken. The head library lady's son is in Afghanistan training to be a veteran. It's a hard way to get a free donut.
My bride scored these. I get to eat one every year or so. Since I started this blog two and a half years ago I have reduce my weight by thirty pounds. Another thirty and I'll be satisfied.

All in all it was a good day for a ride. The clicking of two broken spokes didn't bother me at all. It didn't occur to me what the clicking sound was until I got home and It's a good thing. It would have spoiled a good ride. This bicycle is now grounded for maintenance and inspection. I need to source some better spokes. Breaking 4 out of 36 withing a few hundred miles with the kind of riding I do is not acceptable.

While honoring Veterans today let's not forget to honor their wives, children and other family members that keep everything together while they served. The anguish and worry they suffer is a heavy burden to bear. Their job is much harder in my opinion and they are generally forgotten.


limom said...

One of my favorite lines is: "sign? what sign?"

I can't give you any donuts, but I can give you my appreciation for your service.

Ben in Texas said...

Sign Sign everywhere a sign
Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind
Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign :-) Humming it now aren't you?

BTW, thank you for your service to our Country.

Steven Cain said...

Thanks for the bike ride boss... always love them.

I don't reckon we have a librarian around here either. Got a shitpile of smokers though.

I'm with limom, sorry, no donuts... How 'bout I raise this cold beer for ya. Cheers. To you and all the boys that have served and are still serving. 'Till we humans find a better way to live in peace without killing one another.

Gwen Buchanan said...

"hard way to get a free donut".. I would say!!!

I really like that photo of the huge live oak tree with the bike beside it..
and all that floating moss.. Wish is was 74 deg. here.. all the time... but no hope of that.

You must be a wild bike rider to break your spokes.. were you doing tricks?

Barney (The Old Fat Man) said...

The support folks like clothing and munitions and admin need just as much thank you as us combat front folks. without them we could not have functioned.

f said...

two and one half years of blogging is hard work! 30 pounds worth of work. Congratulations!

anniekatherine said...

That was a fun ride. Thanks for taking us along.

Steve A said...

Clicking spokes are not a problem if you simply ride with earphones. If it gets noisier, turn the volume up.

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