I ask "How fast does it go?" and he said "Fast enough". On further questioning I found that it went 6 knots. "One hundred and forty four nautical miles in a day" he said "during which time I sleep, read and eat. I also do repairs and keep watch. In 21 days I can be more than 3000 N miles from here". I had never thought of it that way. Breathing in and out, sleeping, reading and just living and letting the wind take me away. I fell for it and went sailing. -Tom Swaim-

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Old Fools Journal: Airships and VW Buses

This image is of a painting by Matthew Porr who is represented by Hunter Plaid Gallery, Arcata, CA www.hunterplaidgallery.com)

This has been the kind of mood I've been in lately. Day dreaming. A very healthy enterprise. This machine takes me away often. It's powered by imagination and is not limited in either time or space.
The interior. The navigation deck actually. It's bigger on the inside than on the outside much like the tents in the Harry Potter novels.
The living quarters and main library are up the staircases.
The pipe organ is located at the aft end of the Navigation Deck.
Of course one needs ground transportand recreation. Pedal powered and you can grow your own. I may have a tomato obsession.
There are bikes for the crew and guest neatly stowed.
The ships mechanic/engineer won't ride in the ship so we have this for him to travel in. It's slightly faster than the airship. I find it suspicious that he won't go up with us but then cocktail hour rolls around and it's forgotten.

I've own a couple of airplanes but I've never owned an airship except in my daydreams. I have owned several VW buses. They have a magic of their own unlike any other vehicle I have had sort of like little boats. It's impossible for me to even begin to explain. I think it's something that must be experienced.

Today is a good day for day dreaming as it is noon and just above 40*F (4*C) and windy. It was 33*F (1*C) at 0700 this morning. The only thing I'll be doing outside will be emptying the ash bucket and gathering more wood. A good day for a long leisurely lunch, reading a book and a nap.


f said...

Man, it's way too cold there! I live in the frozen north and it's warmer than that right now, at 8 degrees, and warming. Keep the fires going.

Big Oak said...

I had a VW bus in college, and it was magical. As well as the time I spent in it. While it sucked in the winter (very little heat), that baby would plow through deep snow with no trouble. I miss that machine.

Steven Cain said...

Odd, I was just thinking of VW buses today... that and a girl I was in love with once, who owned two Safari Vans. There was nothing better than driving down to a secluded stretch of coast in one, rolling the top back and, well, star gazing for a few minutes.

limom said...

I had a 73 bus with a/c!
I have fond memories of it, what memories I can muster.
Thing never seemed to run of gas, even with those dual Solex down drafts, and it always seemed to drive itself to the beach.

John Romeo Alpha said...

A VW airship trip to a warm island with a convivial crew and all the supplies needed for an extended stay is a worthy dream on a brisk winter day.

Gwen Buchanan said...

wow we were 10C today seems like the world is upside down..

I have always loved VW buses.. my daughter had a very old one held together with duct tape and gum that she drove across Canada ( BC to NB)to our place a few years ago.. needed a complete overhaul but it sure was cute...

f said...

Man, what a loser I am... I never owned, wanted to own, and only ever once rode in VW van of any description. But the best car I ever owned was a 64 Rambler, 2-door 'businessman's sedan,' built I suppose so that itinerant salesmen could fold down the entire front bench seat and sleep in the car - saving the cost of a motel - while not a salesman of any form I did on more than one occasion fold that seat down. For sleep. I assure you.

Oldfool said...

Seems the VW bus has touched a lot of our lives in one way or another. I have owned three and have lots of stories of them all. I would own another if fate would have it that way. I'm open.
I posted about the '59 and the '68 here.
I hope your experiences and/or dreams are as good as mine.
Now back to daydreaming.

Lou: Really?