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Friday, December 31, 2010

Old Fools Journal: Baron Bettino Ricasoli a man who has given me great pleasure

Baron Bettino Ricasoli (later Prime Minister in the Kingdom of Italy)created the Chianti recipe of 70% Sangiovese (san-jo-veh-zeh), 15% Canaiolo and 15% Malvasia bianca in the middle of the 19th century.

In 1995 it became legal to produce a Chianti with 100% Sangiovese. For a wine to retain the name of Chianti, it must be produced with at least 80% Sangiovese grapes.

As a wino whose experience goes back more than fifty years I find Chianti to be my first choice. I have other wines from time to time but this is my everyday table wine. Not this particular brand as I use this bottle as a decanter. This particular brand was good but not outstanding. That goes for about any of the higher priced bottles as well. Chianti is always Chianti. I buy in bulk and decant.

Leave it to the Italians to make a wine that is good for breakfast, lunch, dinner and still be suitable for celebrations. Leave it to the Italians to design a bottle that is nearly as pleasing to the eye as a woman's thigh.

I drink wine daily and usually in the style of the vineyard workers that had to go back to work after lunch by adding a little water. Not many wines can stand that but Chianti can. For those prudes that think those people were irresponsible for giving their children wine please be aware that it was likely to be watered down a great deal but by doing so included the children. Something that seems to have evaded most Americans.

This New Years Eve I'm laying low to avoid the battle zone outside. The sound of gunfire and bombs is not a celebration to me especially since it will be accompanied by the sound of ambulance and fire truck sirens later. The triage in the local hospital is staffed and ready for the many that have not yet grasped the concept of not putting a lit firecracker in your eye.

I'm happy to say that SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) is getting better. I went out and got her some of her favorite junk food yesterday and luckily I was able to get my fingers out of the way in time to save them. She has so much metal in her teeth that she makes sparks when she is that hungry. She is getting back to her old argumentative self and that's good. I do love that woman.

We have some good old California sparkling wine mislabeled as Champagne which I'm going to chill for later. That is if I can stay out from under the bed. There are mortars and bunker buster artillery two streets over going off and I can see the flash even with the shades pulled.

Happy New Year again. I know I said it at the real New Years but nobody pays any attention to a foolish old man. I'm hoping to get a creative fire going again soon and give you some more foolishness.

Happy New Year.


RANTWICK said...

Happy New Year, man. I'm a wino in training but mostly stick to pinot noir and shiraz/something blends... I'm gonna pick up a Chianti next time thanks to you. Does decanting help a lot? I usually don't bother.

limom said...

And a happy New Year to you!

Chandra said...

Happy New Year, Richard!
Peace :)

Johann Rissik said...

I particularly liked the careful use of the word "nearly" ! (Leave it to the Italians to design a bottle that is nearly as pleasing to the eye as a woman's thigh.)
You clearly know the limits!
May the year continue in this vein.

Ben in Texas said...

Have good New Year ..Now I got to go find me a bottle of that wine. :-) Being a long time wino in training myself I have experienced the "good" wines but normally just drink what I like. That was the best wine advice I ever received. And I got it from a California "Wine Master"

Big Oak said...

I'm glad to hear Mrs. Fool is feeling better.

Happy New Year to you, too!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thank you for the smiles.. I love them.. and be sure to stay out of the way of those marauders with the explosives... we don't want anything untimely to happen to your wry humor.. Take care and the best to SWMBO too..

Melanie said...

Happy New Year!! We usually sit inside and watch the free fireworks show coming from Meadowland! A few neighbors shoot them also but we can't see those as well from the windows.

Gunnar Berg said...

Accounting to the 2011 wine trials, 90% of the 6000 tasters preferred a $12 California Champagne style white to the $150 Dom Perignon in blind trials, so you have a lot of company. As you enjoy the Chianti so much, you can have my allotment this coming year(as a gift from me). Recently I've been drinking Rex Goliath Red Zin for everyday @$7.95, and Iota Pinot Noir (@ $33.50)when I feel I've earned it(seldom), or we have guests who would know the difference (even more seldom). In fact recently my sister-in-law poured a nice Pinot Noir back into the bottle because it looked thin and she judged it to be tasteless. More for me.

Gunnar Berg said...

The bottle shape reminded me of a rose I used to grow, 'Cuisse de Nymphe Emue'. A "leave it to the French" named rose.

Lord Wellbourne said...

Cheers! Here's looking at you, Oldfool! And I am very glad to hear SWMBO is on the mend!