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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Cold

Yes it is cold. It usually is cold in winter. My highest heating cost are in January and my lowest depression is usually in February. My wood stove works and that is nice. Unfortunately I messed up my back cutting wood for it and now I'm out of wood. It's too painful and stupid to push it so it is back to coal burning electric heat. At least I have enough wood to last through tonight.The wood laying under the stove is drying after I pulled it out of the mud.

Pitiful but I have backups and then I have backups for the backups. I am saving this to warm the place up in the morning. 26 degrees F (-3 C) this morning at 0400 so it was in the low fifties indoors when I got out of my warm bed. I know that is not all that bad for those whose shoes are freezing to the floor but it is pretty cold for one who has spent his life in the south so I don't want to hear about it.
I can survive no matter how cold it gets however I am trying to live a comfortable pleasant life not just survive. I leave proof of survival to those with the hair shirt.
For me having a couple of electric radiants, a backup generator and two propane radiants makes me feel secure and we all know how important that is. I have a backup for that too. It is called a single sleeping bag and a warm woman. For what it is worth the wood stove puts out the most BTU's in the shortest time and it does not complain as much. You will find that gets more important as you get older however I would miss the complaints.
I rebulbed the tiny electric heater I made for my tiny bathroom removing the 100 watt bulb and replacing it with 150 watt halogen. That is at least a 50 percent increase and halogen runs hotter so it is even more. I can tell the difference and that is what counts. Since my legs are usually bare even in winter I can tell the difference.
I made this little bulb heater over a year ago and it has served me well. As a recap I made this out of brass pieces from the thrift store to be as steampunk as I could. After a year I still like to look at it. Shows how simple I am.

Margaret Whiting died at the age of 86 Monday. She was old enough to die but what makes me sad is that she will never know how light she made my heart feel with her singing. Her voice set the standard for pleasant female voices for me.

There was more to her than we will ever know.

Her husband who was 20 years her junior passed in 2009. He had been a porn star in gay movies.
Much more than we will ever know.


PaddyAnne said...

Perhaps on cold days all you need to do is play of Margaret Whiting using batteries of some sort. If she's warming your heart anyway, then you would not need any other source of heat!

Gunnar Berg said...

I've never put up wood, except for my father who had electric heat which he supplemented with two enclosed fireplaces to keep costs down. I remember as a boy a few older people (probably in their 50s)who heated with wood. To get through a Minnesota winter it took a stack the size of a small garage and they had two, so it could dry for a year. The local method was to stack it up like silo, maybe 15' in diameter and 6' high, covered with a tarp. That's a lot of splitting wood.

John Romeo Alpha said...

It sounds like a steampunk logsplitter would be pretty useful about now. Maybe a passive one with a bimetal wedge that splits wood as the temperature drops.

Gwen Buchanan said...

-5C here this morning outside... luckily the sun is shining.... I never would have thought it would get that cold down in Louisiana.
sorry you hurt yourself.

.so now you have come to the realization of why Margaret sang so sweetly...

Ted said...

Good memories Old Fool(your not)bring back good memories of yesterday when I was young(er).Far away places an A tree in the Meadow.Marty Robins could milk them .But she left you with that feeling which I can not describe,so I will shut up.

Lord Wellbourne said...

Sorry about your back--sounds like the steampunk splitter is a winner of an idea. I like the bulb heater--but then, the simplest responses to a situation are usually the best and longest lasting.

Thanks for Ms. Whitings video..great voice, great lady.

N said...

I really wish I had a wood stove! And I wish we were neighbors; I would totally come chop some wood for you! Thanks for the great comment on my blog, my boyfriend and I are thoroughly enjoy your blog! Take care, and think warm thoughts!

Steve A said...

I would LOVE to see a hydraulic log splitter repurposed from something else by Old Fool who is brilliant at such inpsired things...

Jon said...

I know what you mean about the cold. To me, there is little difference between 35 degrees and 5 degrees: Cold is cold.

The thing I hate about living in Denver is not how cold the winter is (it's really not that much colder than Nashville, on a daily basis), but just how long it lasts.