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Monday, January 10, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Recent Events or Us Monkeys are an Endless Source of Entertainment for the Gods.

The recent weather that has brought reality to the southeast Ununited States brought a little havoc to us who should have been a little better prepared. We had some gale force winds here and we did not properly prepare. I don't watch much TV and unlike other old men my age I refuse to sit and stare at the weather channel all day. I just look out the window when I want to know what the weather is or I actually go outside.
SWMBO thought she had it secured. This was this last summer. I looked it over today and I don't think it is worth trying to repair. More on that later.
As you can see some parts are just a little broken.
This shelter for the tools fared a little better but it is severely injured. I think I have become a little soft in my old age.

This is just "stuff" and can be fixed or replaced. Those people who are stranded by the snow are just inconvenienced, mostly, but some will prove that survival of the fittest still prevails.

Meanwhile we are once again being taught the lesson that words don't just hurt. They sometimes kill. Even if you say something you don't mean the language being what it is may convey an idea to someone else that will hurt, maim and kill. Are you to blame? Yes. Keep you tough mouth shut or pull the trigger yourself.

Personally I know that I will protect myself and my family with deadly force if necessary but that does not extend to eliminating some perceived threat from the government or those who are employed in the government or any other group that the mind can conjure up as a threat. I've noticed that all those who are so vocal against everything seem to be rather well off. Where are the real downtrodden, the naked rock throwing hoards.

This is us. We are our own enemies. As Pogo said "We have met the enemy and he is us".

Where is the Gandhi monkey when we need him?


Steven Cain said...

If you haven't already, Google Karen Armstrong. I just discovered her. She's my new Jesus.

Lord Wellbourne said...

Sorry you had such crappy weather...we're getting it now but are more prepared since it's the usual drill for us.

Ghandi monkey...I like that. All monkeys are not created equal--some are more equal than others. Personally, I'm a sloth.

Diane-Sage Whiteowl said...

I agree...mankind as a whole is the worst enemy to each other and the earth. Going down fast we are!