I ask "How fast does it go?" and he said "Fast enough". On further questioning I found that it went 6 knots. "One hundred and forty four nautical miles in a day" he said "during which time I sleep, read and eat. I also do repairs and keep watch. In 21 days I can be more than 3000 N miles from here". I had never thought of it that way. Breathing in and out, sleeping, reading and just living and letting the wind take me away. I fell for it and went sailing. -Tom Swaim-

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Winter Solstice 2010 Sunset

This was taken at the moment the sun touched the horizon, such as it is, through the neighbors junk. Like mine it's all valuable I suppose. If I ever get around to the high fence here I'm going to leave a hole in it for the solstice. It was cold and there was no warmth in this sun but there was promise. It's twelve days later now and the promise was kept as I can already see it inching closer.

The only holiday I know off that is celebrated world wide has past but some of the troops here on the ignorance front have not yet received the cease fire order as there was some activity last night with die hards using up their remaining ammo at 10:30 PM. Several mortar rounds, rockets and some cannon fire but I have not heard of any fatalities.

There is plenty of aggression on the street in this season of "peace on earth good will to all". All you have to do to witness it is go out in traffic. My guess is that some people did not get what they wanted for Christmas.

You might want to stay out of traffic as they are bragging about only 610 traffic fatalities for 2010 in Louisiana. One is too many. Traffic deaths are down over last year but I think it's because there is no money to go anywhere. I know I'm not the only one to drastically reduce driving in 2010.

New Orleans made it through the first day of the New Year without the usual shooting. It didn't start until day two. I'm sure it'll be made up for. They shoot each other there. You'd be safer in Baghdad. The cops there were busy arresting each other for DWI. Good work guys.

I did venture out for some perishables. SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) decide to serve up our New Years cabbage in some of her world class Minestra. For those not familiar that is Italian soup similar to Minestrone only much lighter and thinner. I like it better. It has no pasta or beans and this version reeks of garlic. I want "reeks of garlic on my tombstone". I love the stuff and I eat it straight out of the ground with the dirt still on it. Peanut butter and jelly with garlic is delicious. Who's obsessive?

The minestra was wonderful and so were the black eyed peas with salt pork and cornbread. Black eyed peas, pork and cabbage are a tradition for us. It's based on some kind of superstition but I don't believe in superstition as it is bad luck. We do it anyway just in case.

We fried another turkey after Christmas.

If you put your finger in there it will become crispy. It looks like motor oil but it's not.
I know I've shown fried turkey before but this is the first decent video I've made of it.
This was such a small turkey (11 pounds) that we could not get it to stay on the hook with the tail down which is the preferred way. This still worked out well as you can see by the following display.Like the barbarian I am I stood there and devoured a thigh, part of a leg and the back grunting and growling occasionally to warn away intruders. SWMBO had gone to bed as she was still weak from her recent ailment so no one witnessed my debauchery. At least I didn't rip off my clothes and smear myself with the grease.

It's warmed up to 50 degrees F but the wind feels like it comes off a glacier but I have a warm fire some music so I'm not complaining. It's time for some left over black eyed peas and cornbread and then a nap to dream of being farther south.


limom said...

That looks seriously wonderful!
A couple of places round here do whole chickens the same way, great!
There was no turkey for me this year.

Steven Cain said...

You are always cookin' somethin' good over here!

Ted said...

Old Fool (he who is not) you got to try peanut butter an celery.all so peanut butter an dill pickle sandwich.

Oldfool said...

Ted: P. B. and celery we have as a side and have for 30 or 40 years. If you like P.B. and dill pickle sandwiches you've got to try it with plain yellow mustard on it. I started eating that in the '50's. P.B.goes with anything and everything even garlic.

Steven: We eat well and try to eat everything but I'm afraid we fail at that and there is waste.

limom: Turkey is my date's choice. I'd really rather have chicken or better yet seafood of any kind. She has come to dislike chicken. I'd be just as happy with potatoes.

Ben in Texas said...

My Whole house becomes stone hedge on the the summer solstice, shines all the way trough the house at sun rise ..

Steve A said...

How cold will it be in New Orleans next weekend? I can get 50F around my neck of the woods.

Oldfool said...

Steve: I have no idea how cold it will be in N.O. next weekend. That's 50 mile from here and I don't go there.
Next weekend is beyond how far I plan ahead. It's 45*F in Bayou Blue right now (1822).

Brian and Monica said...

I've never come across that Mark Twain quote about New Year's before. Glad you posted it. It's a good one.

Gwen Buchanan said...

I noticed it a hair brighter here too but I was looking for it...

I was also looking for more fried turkey.. looks delicious...

sounds slightly like mad max there with the gun fire and the grunting

Lord Wellbourne said...

That is one beautifully done bird! Now I'm hungry!