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Monday, February 21, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Cats or Cute little critters that turn your life completely upside down.

Look who has come to live with us. Temporary names are Panda and Runt. I say temporary as I seldom get to name any of the various species of animals that come and go. It is probably because the names are imaginative and sometimes X rated.

Our last cats deserted us but cats are fickle and do as they please.
They are relegated to the dungeon for the first few days until they get the litter box and food dish idea. They get handled a lot to get them use to that. They have been here less than 24 hours and seem to be figuring it out.

SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) says she wanted them for the mice but our mice are rats and are bigger than these guys. They might make one meal for the rats. I have probably had more than a hundred cats in my lifetime. SWMBO and I have had less than a dozen. Cats seem to come and go. None can live up to the high standards of Bilbo Baggins who went to the great litter box in the sky many years ago.

I imagine there will be more said about this matter. Some of it may even be printable.

Now I have to get them started on these noisy birds.

They think it is spring.


Melanie said...

Cute kitties! I want a kitten... but for now one fat cat is enough. And wow, that's a lot of birds! No trees in our yard (nothing grows) so we don't see many birds.

Emmy said...

Bilbo Baggins is the cutest name ever for a cat :) I'm sorry he has passed on. Panda and Runt are also very cute kitties :)

anniekatherine said...

My only problem with kittns is that they eventually turn into cats. And cats and I, we've just never really understood each other.

Ben in Texas said...

What a couple of cuties,, of course you gonna get them fixed when old enough. you don't need to start raising cats!! And living out like you do, get them their shots please!!

Big Oak said...

They look like fine young beasts who will do exactly as they damn well please, like all cats do. My wife and I are cat lovers, too, and realized many years ago that every cat is an interesting, individual character. And while they show affection in their own, cat-like way, they can take us or leave us.

As for the video, while you were standing under the tree and looking up, I hope you had your mouth closed!

Rat Trap Press said...

My daughters have been asking for a pet for years. I think a cat would be the best fit for our family. We need something fairly low-maintenance.

It's been nice and warm here but I haven't noticed an influx of birds yet.

VQ said...

So that's where all the birds went. Those trees have leaves on them.

Oldfool said...

Melanie: It has been said that two cats are no more trouble than one but only by those who have not observed the bastards egging each other on.

Emmy: Bilbo could completely trash a boat within 10 minutes of leaving him alone.

Annie: No one understands cats. Like men they can be trained to use a litter box but seldom domesticated.

Ben: Probably not. Shots probably.

Big Oak: Cats come and go at will.
Mouth closed at all times whilst looking up around here. They have targeted my head, back and everything we own including stuff on the back porch under cover. It is the price you pay.

RTP: Cats are not low maintenance Plus you will out live them getting the opportunity to experience grief. I advocate having them with small children as they teach life lessons, the good and the bad especially if they have kittens. I have seen my kids and grand kids experience it all from birth to grave. I have watched them learning about life from a cat. It was worth the trouble.
A Hamster is much less trouble but it ain't the same. The advantage is that death is experienced sooner and birth is often. Advantage may be the wrong word.

VC: The trees are Live Oak and have green leaves year round however this is the season for the shedding of the old leaves. There are more on the ground than on the tree. Many are left lie, some are used for mulch and compost. We are not fussy about leaves. Birds and squirrels are year round.

VQ said...

That's V "Q", Mr. Oldfool.
Q for Quercus.

No leaves around here.
Send me one of yours.