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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Fix It or How negligence gives you plenty to do

Back in early January we had a squall move through with the usual gale force winds. SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) informed me of the impending doom which I apparently ignored. The above is the result. This event went into the file of dumbass things I did not do that I will be reminded of until the end of time.

That is OK. I needed one more thing to fix.This is a First Up canopy which when I last checked was $79.00 plus tax, license and dealer prep at Walmart and it is the second that I have bought. That works out to about 86 cents a square foot for shade and rain cover. With the side walls it is 120 cents per square foot. Pretty cheap coverage for four years. It goes up and comes down in minutes. I will be purchasing another.

You can see the first one in the background in the upper right hand corner of the picture. I bought the old one in 2007 and it went camping that year. It was put up in the yard and has been up continuously since with the exception of when Hurricane Gustav came through. We paid attention to the weather that time and took it down.In keeping with the philosophy of fix it until there is nothing left of the original I interchanged a few parts.

The top is the weak link on these things. It is pretty light weight and a couple of years is about all the sun it can take. It is also structural. Much like the cable around a Yurt it stiffens the frame when under tension. There was enough of the top remaining on the old one to make it fly so it damaged the frame too. Even though the design has been cheapened somewhat it is well engineered and the parts are interchangeable. From the two came one.

This is with the legs at the lowest setting. It goes up to about 7 feet. If I had lowered it to this height and staked it down it would never have flown. If I had been so lax on the boat I would be residing with Davy Jones now. Like an old friend once told me "Good seamanship does not happen by accident" -Bill Amberg-.

I started to paint the white to match the black but decided that I liked the Frankenstein look. There are some rips in the top and I will try to patch those mainly because SWMBO says it cannot be done. Either she will get another "I told you so" or I will prove her wrong. I seldom prove her wrong. Now where is my duct tape?


Steven Cain said...

Get it done Boss. Spring is right around the corner. The daffodils are up!

Steve A said...

All this canopy stuff is like Chinese in North Texas. Stuff like that would be blown down within a day around here. Bricks is real!

Ben in Texas said...

You know what Old Fart , in this case just listen to SWMBO and get a new one!!! Keep peace at home, and won't have to worry about waking up some morning with your throat cut!!