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Monday, February 7, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Lest We Forget

Lest we forget how we came to be. A reminder from a child.

Words from a child to clear the palette of my mind.

While cutting big pieces of wood into little pieces of wood for my stove this last Sunday I had the feeling that I was being watched. It turned out to be this monument to socialism that watches silently from across the street. It just stands there waiting for it's chance to perform. It will dance for anyone that needs it. Socialism is that economic and political theory advocating public or common ownership and cooperative management that so many these days profess to hate except when their house is on fire.

Years ago when I was a boy (34 or so) and lived on the mountain there was a rock that watched me. It was part of the mountain and very old. It was also very quite. It had been there a long time. I discovered it watching me when I was cutting up a really old really big white oak for firewood that had been downed by Father Time. Even after the oak was stacked away for the winter I would go back to contemplate that rock. I talked to it and wanted it to answer back but of course it never did. It lived on such a vastly slower time scale that I must have appeared as blur or maybe to it I moved so fast that I was invisible. It is still there I am sure as it is a part of the mountain but although I have moved on toward the end of my time and now have a head of gray hair only the very tiniest unmeasurable sliver of a nanosecond has passed for it.

There are no rocks here except for those imported and they soon pass into the mud on their journey toward the center of the earth. So now I contemplate Mr Plug and sometimes talk to him as I did Rock the elder. He does not talk back because even though he is much younger than the rock time passes at about the same speed for him. I have accused him of being an alien from the stars but name calling does not phase him. He may be young but unlike humans he knows it is best to keep his mouth shut.

Time? I don't do time. -Man- (Chong)


Von said...

Lovely post!!

Gunnar Berg said...

No doubt a socialist rock.

Big Oak said...

There was a big white oak who used to watch me also.

It is good to know other people notice these things also.

Steven Cain said...

Nice write.