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Friday, February 18, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Teeth and how to Foolishly Lose them Part two

Imagine this as part of my smile.

Part one is here if you are interested in the background of this tale.

Last night I made my self a little snack for my evening meal. A lovely lean two ounce hamburger on a small sourdough roll. On taking the fist bite I heard a thump at my feet that sounded a little strange. I looked but saw nothing so I took another bite only something was wrong. There was nothing to bite with. Oh well, I moved the burger more to the side of my mouth and made a mental note to look for my teeth later. After a few more bites drooling crumbs onto my shirt I decided I really needed those teeth now so I looked. Of course the floor was dark and I could see nothing but no problem. I bit myself on the bottom of my foot and there they were.

When you lose teeth you have to learn to eat all over again. Sandwiches are off the menu for now and I guess corn on the cob is out of the question and I do not care much about apples unless they are pie. I cannot live without tacos however so I have to get this fixed. I still have fifteen molars left and some of those are opposing. Only ten can be counted as usable as five is the number of spots where I can still mash stuff. As long as I still have two opposing I figure I am still in good shape.

The best part of this is nothing hurts. I just have to remember to break my cookies into pieces when I get the munchies.

More to follow on this subject as soon as I track down that other old fool, my dentist Keeth Lane . He is even older than I am and about as independent. He is pretty crazy but then who am I to talk. I do not think he is doing it for the money anymore. A ride in his chair is a fun ride even if it is a dentist chair. The thrills come with remarks like uh oh, now what have I done and hold on, this won't hurt much.

I should mention that he is also a pilot (what dentist is not) so he also has the "Jesus Christ Syndrome". You know the walk on water stuff. He is an all around good guy and I enjoy bullshitting with him. Now if I could just talk him into discount rates. Not likely to happen.

Oh wow! I just discovered I can clench my teeth and stick out my tongue at the same time.


Steve A said...

There is a lot to be said for creamy peanut butter!

urbandon (Don Pezzano) said...

Ouch! Damn, can't believe it didn't hurt.

June said...

Your dentist is named Keeth?
You have a teeth Keeth?

I crack me up.

Oldfool said...

June, you crack me up too. Google "Keeth" and you will find it is a real name. Keeth is how he spells it and he is about 76 years old I believe.
teeth keeth, I like it.

June said...

I used to go to Dennis The Dentist.

I never had any doubt that Keeth was a/his real name.
Why not, after all?

Oldfool said...

There is a dentist in Los Angeles by the name of Paine. Why would a man with that name go into dentistry?

Anonymous said...

I had a dentist named Dr. Maul. He learned and practiced dentistry in the Army. He was very, very resourceful.