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Monday, February 28, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Urban 'omstead or Growing our greens

You cannot use the term "Urban Homestead" these days as some good folks in California copyrighted the words. I am not even going to mention their name as I so admired them before. I would like to copyright the word Fuckhead and get a royalty every time it is used. If I would have to pay I would run out of money the first day.
This bucket of Mustard has kept us in all the mustard we eat throughout the winter. I figure we have had about 10 meals from it. That is all the mustard one needs in a 3 to 4 month period. All I need anyway. It will keep you regular. This a good example of what you can grow even if you live on the top floor of an apartment building.
The remains of last fall and winters bucket garden in the background. Never mind the oil container. It is upside down to drain the last drop for the chainsaw.

My bride the petite ex-truck driver (SWMBO {she who must be obeyed}) brought the barrels home one day this winter. She bought them off some hog farmer who scavenges the garbage bins for his hogs. He buys them by the truck load and passes them on to her at cost.
Cutting these barrels in a kilt brought some upkilt surprises

The plan is to do what minimal farming I am going to do in them. They had some kind of food grade chemical in them. We do not seem to do well growing veggies in the ground here. The fruit trees are coming along but they are a long way from bearing fruit. We may never see it. All the berries including one blackberry that we thought had died are growing like stink. It went under ground and came up this year several feet away. It is being coaxed back to the fence. We are going to have two blackberry patches. Mmm cobbler. The asparagus has not started to come up yet but we ate out of the patch all last summer.
One of these will raise all the mustard I want plus enough to share with a old crippled up cajun friend. He eats more of it than I. I am going to try spinach again. If I can get it to work then one of the barrel halves will be enough. I am the only one that eats it. I love the stuff and have since birth. I especially like it mixed with mustard but spinach has a subtle flavor I really like. Thanks to Popeye who introduced me to this about 65 years ago as I recall.

The hog farmer cuts his barrels length wise and starts plants in them but that limits the depth and I want room for roots as I intend to raise stuff to maturity. We have two sizes 30 gallon and 55 gallon. The 55 gallon are shown here.

One of the 30 gallon ones is going for two fir trees that I think we killed but there are new signs of green so we will see.

I have squash in one and if it produces it will keep us in all the squash we eat. So far I have started tomatoes, basil, squash, potatoes, spinach and jalapeǹos. All but the potatoes are in pots so I can cover when it freezes again. We are being softened up for a sucker punch.

So far I haven't spent any money. I have only used what I have on hand and the seed is seed I saved. I know I said I was not going to screw with gardening again but as you already know I am of weak and questionable character.


fallerya said...

That whole "intellectual property" malarky makes me think they are
Pasadena Scientologists. Pfft.

Johann Rissik said...

You should be thankful for your "weak and questionable character"

And a dainty middle finger to the registered Hurban Omesteaders.

May the sun shine on your agrarian endeavours

stephanie said...

ahhh but I love the gardening reports!

Ben in Texas said...

Looks like good eatin starting up. But how about the new kittys?

PaddyAnne said...

Nice Barrels! Nice to read about spring and gardening after the gray and dreary days.

Gwen Buchanan said...

"_uckhead", fabulous, funny, and food too ... love it..

Oldfool said...

Like Thomas Jefferson I have a little trouble with intellectual property. On the one hand I have a hard time understanding how I could have stolen your property if you still have it. On the other hand a person should get compensated for a fresh new idea. Not compensating stifles growth so I'm told.
Copyrighting a word is just silly.
I you don't want me to sing your song then keep it to yourself.