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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Useful Art or Now you can stop calling everything on a bicycle a thingy

This is for my Bikey friends

I do not know where I got this but I found it on my desktop. There are credits on the image.
Probably put it there when I was drunk or stoned. There is not a thing on here that I did not already know but I still cannot stop looking at it just the same.
I do wish they had put Fender, Rack and basket though.


Steven Cain said...

I like COG.

Do they still put shifters on the downtube. I thought those died with toe clips.

Ted said...
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Ted said...

I date back to the bendix break ,handlebars,an sprocket age.we had boys bicycles with the top bar an the girls with no top bar.the saddle seat was the leather seat.Back then the bike was built for comfort not speed.I had a Schwinn bicycle that I put a whizzer motor on.Those were the good ole days,good memories!

Steve A said...

That bike is missing lights, too.

John Romeo Alpha said...

8 spoke wheels would make me nervous. I prefer three or four times that many.

Oldfool said...

Steven: Yes cog is good but when you use the word in these unenlightened times most people think it is pornographic. You won't find one in a thousand that know what the word means.
My main ride has frictions shifters on the STEM. I have a set of shifters I took off a road bike that were on the down tube I think. I turned that bike into a shop stool because it was a road bike, had little skinney tires and was made for a big person and I could not easily ride it. In short, It pissed me off.
Ted: I have a couple of coaster brake bikes around here and I think one is a Bendix.
There were lots of Whizzers in my early teens. I did not have one but my friend Ralph was clocked on one he modified at 90+.
I ride a 36 year old "girls" Shwinn. I have never figured out how the X and Y chromosomes are found on a bike.
Steve: I have a bike with lights but I've never used them. I have never needed a bike with lights. When It is dark I'm usually somewhere with light having a little wine.
JRA: How many lug nuts does your car have? I have seen four spoke bikes. I have ridden in cars with 8 wooden spokes. I prefer 36 spokes but I ain't fussy about it.
Autually isn't a disc wheel a one spoke wheel?

Johann Rissik said...

Brilliant. We need that blown up for the bike shop wall.
I have four bikes with friction shifters on their down tubes, leads to less-cluttered bars. And toe clips are anything but dead.
How about enlarging this image dramatically and adding "drop-out", "seatpost clamp", "wine bottle cage" and maybe even "nipples" ? But that could get some people confused ;)

paleotool said...

Love it. I don't even think about a bike any more without a fender and light though.

Andrew said...

re: pornographic "cog"

On a wind farm tour with my parent's church group, the plant manager/engineer was describing the construction process of the the turbine towers. An old lady raised her hand: "What's a FLANGE?"

Without missing a beat he said, "a mating surface", and moved right along.