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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Old Fools Journal: What Has Happened To The Time? or Time flies when you are getting old.

From the drivers seat looking into my rolling cave.
Clutter - what clutter? It looks perfect to me.

Three years ago on this date I started this journal. An explanation of that event is found below in a re-posting of the original post. Other than correcting spelling errors it is as the original. Three years and 396 post later I can not think of a better way to say it.

Another Old Fools Journal
These scribblings are for and from my journal. I have always written but always to a journal or to someone and not for public consumption. I viewed a movie the other night that affected me profoundly. It was "The Bucket List" and although I found that I had already crossed off most of the things on their bucket list there where still some things that were in my grasp. Fly the space shuttle was out but write publicly was still possible. I became aware recently that a number of people in the Bike Forum's that I have come to respect have blogs so there you go and here I am.

I have notice that there are many old fools but I did not expect to find so many with blogs. The thing about old fools is that they usually know it and accept it and go on. Fools on the other hand seldom know it with out having psychological problems. It is a shock to discover that one is a fool. It is best to become aware of it on your on and be brought to that awareness by someone you love. Someone you are not ashamed to be a fool for. Someone who will not hold it against you.

I posted this in the Bike Forums last April:
"04-18-2007- It's a shock to anyone to suddenly come to the realization that they are a fool. If you are young it can be devastating but it is quickly over when you realize that it must be a mistake (denial) and that you are really OK. The most vulnerable are men in or near the midlife crisis. If they can hang on to denial they are OK but if the reality embeds itself as the stone truth then defeat is surely the result. This may be true for women as well but I don't know as I have never been one. Since men and women are more alike than they are different I suspect it applies to both. The best that can happen is to coast through the weakness of youth and middle age on denial or abject ignorance. No one escapes being a fool but denial is a defense mechanism that allows us to coast through the vulnerable periods. In my early sixty's the veil was lifted from my eyes and I could see the light but I could not understand what I saw. Fortunately I have a mentor in the form of a granddaughter that allows me to see that being a fool is not so bad and in fact can be quite pleasant.

Eight years later I am still working on it. Examining a lifetime of foolishness in eight years is nearly a full time job and at times it becomes exhausting and has to be shelved for a while. There are times when it is so overwhelming that it makes you cry but so far the cumulative result is very positive. Thus I can take the title of Old Fool and be proud of it. I am much more selective of what I am a fool for now but I am still a fool. When someone calls me an old fool I can only say yep and the only thing that changes is I'm getting older."

There will be post about bicycles, grandchildren, the unfairness of it all, world domination and gardening which I am just getting into with my bride which I have been with 24 years tomorrow.


These three years have gone by quickly. My Princesses are 12 soon to be 50 and I am still happily their fool. I am also the fool of several other ladies from my past and present. I make no excuses or apologies for that either. As I am a volunteer I do not feel oppressed.

With the start of these musings I also started another kind of writing. I started writing down everything I eat. I am still doing that as well and because of the awareness of what I put into my mouth I put less. I have slowly but surly lost 33 pounds and I seem to still be loosing. It is ounces at a time but that is OK as I want to lose it as slowly as I gained it. I love to cook and to eat so I suspect that I will have to write down what I eat for the rest of my life in order to prevent myself from eating the world.

I knew I had something to say but I did not know it would be so much.

It's not even 10:00 AM and it is already 50 degrees F. It is supposed to be in the mid 60's today and in the 70's as the week progresses. I have much to do. Now I am going outside and see if it is still there..


Dizzy-Dick said...

Glad you decided to go public. Sorry it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, my wife and I enjoy your blods. It looks like you were married on my birthday. Congratulation on your annivesery.

Gunnar Berg said...

Something to say? I'm just getting warmed up.

Lisa said...

Women are fools too though most probably won't admit to it. I was blessed to become aware of my own foolishness at a fairly young age...around 40. After initial denial, I embraced the reality. Now at 52 I've grown to love myself just as I am. One of the greatest gifts that came as a side effect of this has been that I've come to value my own opinion of myself more highly than others' opinions of me. Thanks for deciding to go public with your writing.

Steve A said...

Actually, you will know you're really an old fool when your princesses bring along 12-year old princesses of their own. Actually, the OLD occurs when those princesses bring along THEIR princesses.

To put it simply, the font in which old is written simply keeps getting bigger until the "no mas" point. Now why does my wife refer to me as "the idiot I married?"

Ted said...

Who was it that said (THE only purpose for time is so everthing does not happen at same time)?

MsBelinda said...

Congratulations on the three years of your blog.

African Bliss said...

a funny, real and great blog!