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Monday, March 28, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Borders revisited or Look I found dem pitchers

Back on November 19, 2010 I wrote a post about Borders and an unfortunate event we had with my old pickup truck. I thought I had lost all the photos but low and behold I had put them where I was bound to find them the next time I was in a cleaning frenzy. My last post had some of them and there will be more. I went back and edited them into the original post about that event.

Meanwhile here are the photos if you do not wish to go back to that post.
She's down a little in the stern. That women never batted an eye but went to work setting up housekeeping. Living with me she is kind of used to "unfortunate events". I don't hang my ass so far out as I used to.
All the parts arrived at the same time except for the wheel but they were worn a little. Fortunately the wheel did not roll over the cliff or take off back down the mountain and when my heart rate got back down to 1000 beats/second I fetched it.
Her kitchen. I went off to gather some fire wood and while I as at that foolishness she built a fire and made coffee. Her opinion of men helping to make camp cannot be printed here as she uses words I have never heard (even in the navy) but I know they are nasty.

It's cocktail time here now and I think I'll go visit with that young lady for a while.


Gunnar Berg said...

She's a saint. Lorna'd left me long ago.

Lord Wellbourne said...

Adventures are for more memorable when you have a witness that'll never let you forget. Cheers!

Dizzy-Dick said...

I suppose after your dear wife made dinner and everything, she helped with the repairs by picking up the back of the car? "Super Wife"

Johann Rissik said...

I think Oldfool should become LuckyOldFool?

Tip of the pint to you both.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a Gelenderwagon that lost a wheel (just after returning from the workshop)in Zambia years ago. The wheel went straight into the Kafue river. The trick is to go after the wheel quick when the crocks are stil in shock. I think he payd some locals to do that. On request he did not need help..
Like your blog!