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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Old Memories

Whist going through some old photos I found stuffed away in the back of the bus the other day in a frenzy of spring cleaning I thought to share a few. Really I was trying to think of something witty to post about but lately I don't feel so witty. I have updates on the plants, the cats, construction in my backyard that has destroyed an entire habitat, the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico and our entire way of life and I have plenty of comments on the crumbling of the rest of the thin fabric holding a so called civilization together all in the name of God. That's doG for dyslexics.
My only comment tonight because I'm trying to be mellow is "There are too many rats in this cage".
These photos were taken in Seattle, Washington in the winter of 1978 just prior to heading south toward Southern California.
The old bus is running as you can tell by the blue/gray haze at the rear and it's leaking oil. That's how you can tell when it's running. When it's off it just leaks oil.
That white stuff on the ground is not bird shit.
This is the driver, yours truly. He doesn't have a clue. He dresses like a cowboy and he does not know he is about to become as close as he'll ever get to that. Horse shoeing school is just a few years ahead. So are a lot of other adventures. He is only 39 years old and thinks he's an adult. He does not know that 33 years later he will be living in this pile of aluminum and will be very attached to it.Rose named for Hoyt Axton's Bus Honeysuckle Rose. Notice the sketched sitting brown dog on the aluminum. This greyhound has retired to the brown dog status. This browndog proved that it could still run with the greyhounds. This sketch and lettering was done by my faithful girl sidekick "Genie". If it wasn't for her I would not have this old bus now. I'll tell that story someday but I need to talk to her first and she is very hard to contact.

That orange headlight is the color the idiot that bought this jewel painted the entire bus when he bought it at auction in 1963. The man I bought it from changed it back to the Greyhound Bus Lines colors but somehow this headlight got left out. I've been going to fix that since 1978 and I may get around to it someday. No reason to be in a hurry.


Lord Wellbourne said...

I keep hearing Willie Nelson singing in the background.

Hey, not every 39 year-old guy can boast he owns his own home and a great set of wheels--albeit all in one. I'm just wondering which one of you has more miles on their or Rose?

L. F. Hawkins said...

Thanks for sharing. I hope we will be privileged to share in some of your adventures in the coming months/years. Call it synchronicity, or simply coincidence, but I spent part of the morning going through boxes of old photos looking for, among other things, my snake pictures - so far nothing, but other fading glimpses of earlier days certainly set my mind wandering. In 1978 I was building a home/life for the family here in Oregon, thinking I was a mix of Euell Gibbons, Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, Buckminster Fuller and a host of other heroes. Alas I was never to be more than a shadow of any of them. I never owned a bus but considered doing so on more than one occasion. Now I think it would take a case of dynamite to get me to change the patterns I've established in my life - they have become "rituals". Anyway, like you say, no reason to be in a hurry.

Gunnar Berg said...

Lack of witty. There seems to be a lot of that going around. I have a touch of it myself.

limom said...

A bus.
What can I say?
The stuff dreams are made of.

Anonymous said...

A picket fence?
That's some wit.

Steve A said...

I don't recognize the street. I'll guess somewhere in North Central Seattle. Written from North East Seattle...

Dizzy-Dick said...

Great pictures and story. I bet if you had to do it over again, you would do the same dang thing, right?

frann said...

Is that bus parked behind a CORVAIR?

Steven Cain said...

There are two buses, damn near the same as yours, within five miles of the house. Both of them retired Tour buses for musicians. Both running and in good shape. Wouldn't mind having one, if I could afford to fill her up.

Gary said...

Days of the Gray Tortoise. Did I get that name right? Green Tortoise?

Oldfool said...

Lord Wellbourne: My home at that time was a 40 foot sailboat anchored in Hawaii and I owned it outright but things change.

Mr. Hawkin: all those people you list have been more than a little instrumental in my life. I'm here now and I'm comfortable but since I have no place on the planet I call home things change. I don't intend to drive it so fuel cost is not a problem but things change.

Gunnar: Wine does not seem to be helping my "witty" shortage. If you come up with something let me know. Meanwhile I will keep doing what I do and wait for things to change.

Limom: Yes it was and still is. Somethings don't change.

Steve A: It's about 3 miles NW of Boeing field. That something that won't change.

Fellow Dick: I would not change a thing.

frann: That is indeed a Corvair. A much maligned automobile that I found satisfying personally. That one belonged to my faithful girl sidekicks father that took the backseat out and used as a pickup truck. He need to haul stuff and changed what he had.

Steven: These things are all over. Mine runs but needs some care. I do my own mechanicing and just haven't been in the mood. If I were planning on going somewhere I think I could have it ready in a few days. It is worth more as scrap than as a bus but to me it is priceless. Still, things change.

Gary: I don't get it but It will cruise with traffic and like a tortoise home is always with me but like I said "things change".

Gary said...

Hi Oldfool, back in the 1970's, there used to be an old converted Greyhound bus stripped of it's seats and carried mostly hippies coast to coast at a very cheap fare. It was named the Green Tortoise. A friend of mine took that bus from Vermont to San Francisco.

Here's a story about it.

Oldfool said...

Gary: I seem to remember hearing about it many years ago but as I had plenty of money and a full agenda in those days never checked into it. Thanks for the info I am glad to see it is still alive and well.