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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Old Fools Journal: St Patricks Day and Look what showed up

Today was my annual inspection of the VA clinic in Houma, Louisiana. It was spotless, efficient, courteous and very friendly as usual. My favorite vampire was her usual painless efficient self. About the time you start to get tensed up she is finished.

As you can see I brought them some St Patricks Day entertainment. Picture was taken by the head man himself at his request. He is probably running it through Interpol now.

There are three descriptive names for what we wear. There is the 'ensemble' and the' outfit' and then there is the 'get up'. There is a forth but it is more of a question and that is "what team did you say you a playing for"? Criticism not required as I threw this getup together this morning early and I know what it lacks. It probably shocked some of the local ignorants but it did not cause anyone to want to fight. It did bring a lot of smiles and some very friendly conversation plus picture taking. I was home having breakfast by 0900.
This bandit showed up about a week ago. Looks like he is staying for awhile. His spring juices are flowing and he is a horny bastard. The kittens are getting use to the idea but not without resistance.Here is one resisting.

Spring is gnawing at me daily. Things to be done and I am wallowing in it trying to do everything at the same time getting little done in the process. Of course since I cannot seem to shut up I will tell all.


PaddyAnne said...

I like your walking stick!

Ted said...

I will refrain from making a comment other than what my granddaughter once said to Me (you clean up pretty damn good)

Emmy said...

I love your outfit for St. Patrick's Day! You look very handsome :)

On a side note, one of my buddies dressed up in a kilt at school yesterday. It made me think of you :)

frann said...

How nice to make people smile on St Patty's Day

Steven Cain said...

There ya go!

Jon said...

Looking good, sirrah!

Lord Wellbourne said...

What, no tie? Oh, well, you look pretty spiffy. I did my leprechaun impersonation yesterday as I did the weekly grocery shopping. Everyone complimented me for my 'spirit'. I didn't tell them that this was my regular mode of dress....why stir a pot you don't intend to eat out of?

Bob from Athens said...

Yep,you better keep a close eye on those felines, looks like they are putting up some pretty serious resistance.

Anonymous said...

You look Sharp Mr. Old Fool! I love your get up!

stephanie said...

Hah! I love when you tell all

Sue said...

Hi, You are as always my very handsome Big Brother.. and I love u for being you. You make a very sharp Leprechaun. This photo I keep for family album (special, although I do the rest as well). Luv, LilSis

VQ said...

Guessed you were a Veteran. Have you written or blogged on the subject?

Oldfool said...

PaddyAnne: the walking stick was a gift from the trees for surviving hurricane Gustave.
Ted: thanks
Emmy: I love it that you read. I expect great things from you. I'm watching and I read between the lines.
frann: I make people smile all the time. Sometimes I hear them laughing.
Jon: tanks
Lord Wellbourne: I threw handfulls of ties and belts into mother ocean in 1977. My crew said it looked like snakes coming out of the hatch and into the sea. I've had one since. What a useless ornament men wear. I have bought them at the thrift store for my grand daughter to use as belts.
BFathens: Fuck them cats.
Sue: Why don't you sign in as Lilsis? I know who you are. In fact I have known you longer than anyone else in this world and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.
VQ: If you use the search box in the right column of the Blog and search for navy or U S Navy you should find those post. If not email me and I'll send you the URL.

Joey said...

You do look very handsome, you old fool.

And by the way, you a big heart.