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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Vernal Equinox or Spring has sprung

Yes the Vernal Equinox is upon us again. 72 I've celebrated now and I am not tired of them. The juices of the entire northern hemisphere of the planet are flowing. I trust we will survive it again.
These dead Jalapeño are showing some green. I thought the freeze got them but they are coming back with great vigor. Our seven year old Jalapeño bit the dust but it was a prolific producer. I have planted a new one in it's place. The two above produced well last summer right up until after the New Year. I have six plants now and that ought to keep me in chilies. I have not planted Cayennes yet and I am looking for some Tabascos. Habaneros which are my favorite flavor I don't plant. They are so damned hot that I can only use about one a year. They require special handling for me so I let someone else do it and buy them already mixed and prepared in a hot sauce bottle. They are still really hot but you can taste them.
The Jalapeño garden. I give them good stuff to drink.
Two of the Five tomatoes. I not putting much effort into tomatoes this year. I will seed this in basil as well. That was a good bottle of wine.
This roommate did not make it but he (or she who the hell knows?) went to the Great Lizard from a silver bowl. He left a lizard turd behind. I live with lizards and spider. Mostly they mind their business and I mind mine. They seldom get out of hand but when then do I become GOD and smack'em.
This first day of spring has been a confusing and complicated day with too many things to do. I did what I could then found it all not so satisfying so I have kind of withdrawn into a grumpy shell. I am looking forward to the escape of sleep.


Ben in Texas said...

About raising Jalapenos. Waaay back in the 80's think it was I had rescued one from my home garden when wife and I separated. I managed to keep it alive in a planted in Houston by moving it in and out as weather dictated. Had some friends down from DC area one time and since I was moving , again, and they loved the plant they took it back with them in the car. Dang thing lived I know for two more years at least casue I got to see it up there and eat peppers from it. They are hardy but you can drown them.

Lord Wellbourne said...

The 'super' moon really was super! I went outside throughout the evening to bathe myself in it. The melting snow run-off was gurgling and bubbling in the gully that runs along the road and the full moonlight was lighting up the snow-shrouded landscape. It was pure magic. I used to grow the jalapenos when I lived in Houston but since they damn near kill my yankee palate I gave them as gifts. I like your watering method!

Big Oak said...

That moon was pretty cool, wasn't it?

I didn't realize jalapeno plants were perennial. I may try to bring one inside next winter.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Like you, I really love the taste of habaneros but sometimes the hot is just too hot and upsets my belly. The suaces vary in taste and hotness. I have thrown away new bottles that were too week on taste. Hard to find a good one. Tobasco Comany use to sell a good one, but can't find it around here anymore.

VQ said...

The reverie and magic of an auspicious moon, the long awaited arrival of Spring. Quantum combinations - O Primal Stimulation can be overwhelming. Which direction to pour forth this Vernal surging? Disorienting to mere mortals. For God how much more tormenting. Let us celebrate in the garden...

L. F. Hawkins said...

I'm greener than a ripe jalapeno with envy. I can't even consider putting out pepper or tomato plants until the end of May, and then our first frost can be around labor day. If I could afford it I would move to a place where you can take your body outside more than three months of the year without dressing it in wool. As to seeing the moon this time of year one needs x-ray vision to penetrate the dripping grey clouds. Have prepared a nice lunch for Persephone in hopes I can entice her back from the underworld a little early, and the garden and meadows can again flourish and bloom. I look forward to your posts. Thanks.

Joey said...

My Grandma grew the hottest peppers I've ever tasted. I grew up in Tulia, which is in the Panhandle of West Texas.

I may just try to grow some. I have some empty pots and a husband who just loves them. Trouble is I have a Welsh Corgi pup who still digs, so I may have to wait until next year.

I like your blogs. Hope you got some sleep. You don't seem old to me, but then.. I'm no Spring Chicken.