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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Nothing Says Summer Better Than Cold Ripe Watermelon

It is so good.

While out and about on my old Schwinn the other day one of my 35 year old pedals disassembled itself. I carry tools so an emergency fix was done. I thought it might be time to get some new ones but on further inspection I could see there was no reason. A little lube, a vise, a hammer and a punch and that rusty old thing was ready to go.
The culprit. You can see my favorite bike shoes through the spokes.

Since I had such good fortune with that I thought now is the time to find and fix yet another strange noise coming from the drive train of my 28 year old 3 speed. After seeing to the tension in the spokes, which is what I thought it was, I went for a ride. It was a nice ride but the noise is still there. Oh well one out of two ain't bad. When you have four bikes that are ready to roll it is so easy to put it off until another day.

I started a new blog about one legged pants (that would be unbifurcated) for those interested so as to not annoy those readers here who are offended by the mere thought of a MAN in a skirt. Even if it is called a kilt and is an age old tradition. If pants have two legs is pant correct for only one leg? And why are they called "a pair of pants"? When I wear them I only wear one. I think of a kilt as a one legged pant.
Things are greening up nicely. The Hackberry and the Wild Cherry (what's left of them) have gotten their leaves back.
The tomatoes have doubled in size.Last years Jalapeño is growing like crazy and I expect a bumper crop this year. I think it's the Cutty Sark water bottle. The old plants are at the bottom growing from what looks like dead sticks.New sage plant to go with the one that was severely damage in the freeze this last winter. The old ones are coming back from down at the bottom but it doesn't hurt to have two plants that smell like breakfast. They are nice minimum care plants and smell so good.
The brown is all gone replaced with green weeds. The far corner by the end of summer should be a briar patch as the black berries have taken over that corner. The clover that is not cut is all we have this year. It was left uncut because of the bees. Usually the yard is full of clover full of bees at this time.

We said we were not going to grow stuff this year but once a garden junky always a garden junky. At least I don't have to steal to grow stuff. Yet.


limom said...

Oh you Old one you!
Almost had me Fooled!
It's not summer yet.

Oldfool said...

Don't be so technical you know what I mean. As a child I only knew two seasons, winter and summer. As a dull adult it's not so simple. I know it's spring and summer is several months away however I would rather be a child.

rlove2bike said...

Summer??? What's that? :-)

Ted said...

I learned a long time ago that if a man was man enough he could wear any thing that he was pleased to wear.But I will say that God gave me two eyes an a mind to think with.Now when I see a man in a skirt my mind takes me on a journey is he or is he not. I really don't give a crap if he is or isn't but that is just the way it is.With that said your all way welcome to Lake Como, The place to be NATURALLY!

Dizzy-Dick said...

I like the name pant for the one legged pants, maybe it is because all the ladies pant when they see you in them (grin).

VQ said...

And in what Bayou Blue dish does sage serve as breakfast, and will there be an Oldfool recipe book forthcoming?

Oldfool said...

Summer for those that live up north is those two days when you can go outside without gloves. Both days are spent swatting mosquitoes.

My recipe book would be pretty short.
Ingredients: Good food
Preparation: Discard what you cannot chew.
Cook: Fry, saute,boil, bake or grill until done to taste.
Season: Salt, black pepper,cayenne and any other spice to taste. I use the cayenne and salt to enhance the taste. Use sparingly.
Short book.
"Smells like Breakfast" came from a fat 10 year old bully that is not in jail only because of his age. Apparently his mother serves him breakfast sausage with sage in it.

Lord Wellbourne said...

I like the one-legged pant idea. I can't really grasp the hang-up some folks have with what other people wear. Too many critics and not enough chutzpah I think. By the way, we don't really bother with mosquitoes that much. It's the black flies up here on the tundra. That's why all true Maineacs take their cool drinks and a ping-pong paddle out to the patio. Using your hand to ward them off is seen as an invitation to lunch. Nothing says summer here like black fly table tennis.