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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Bike Riding is such a trip

Bike riding is so good I am surprised that it is not against the law. There must be some religion somewhere that forbids it as a sin because it is too good not to be.
So I delivered the Belchfire 6 to the Carsmith, unfolded my "ZEN" bike and set off for home.  On the way I stopped at one of my favorite markets to pick up some fresh baked bread. I really love bread.
As you can see from these photos there is not much in the way of bike parking and not a single suitable place to lock up.
This won't do.
Nor will this althougth I have locked to that rail by the grocery carts but today the carts were in the way.
Finally I rolled the bike into the store an confronted the manager about the lack of suitable bike parking explaining that as a long time customer I could not shop if I could not safely park my bike. I suggested bringing it inside and he agreed assigning me a spot.  The cable you see is to prevent someone who might mistakenly think the bike is theirs from casually riding it away.

I bought a fresh baked loaf of sourdough and one of pumpernickel, some Chianti and a pound of sweet strawberries from California.  I know that I should not buy the strawberries or the wine as they have traveled around 2000 miles in a diesel truck but I am weak. If I have a flat at least I'll have sustenance.
On the way home I was informed by this sign what my TV wants.  I wonder if AT&T is in direct communication with my TV.  No TV I have ever had as expressed their wishes to me.  They have insulted my intelligence however.  Since AT&T has a hard time just keeping the internet up I wonder how they are doing with TV.
My route home crosses the St. Louis Canal. In that direction it goes to it's origin passing in front of my old house after passing right behind Thaddeous Babin's house.  It originates just down the street at the Hollywood Canal.  I have been told these canals were built for the lumber industry before oil was invented to try to cut down and haul off every tree in Louisiana.  The destruction of the land was started long before the "Big Oil" that owns the world started.  It has been plugged up just a few hundred yards from Thaddeous's house in an effort to further fuck up the countryside that had adjusted to it. That was in a effort to make someone with money and influence happy at the expense of others. It was highly successful at that and that only.
It doesn't matter, we here in Paradise (for insects) just use it as a place to deposit the trash.
It used to flow before it was plugged but now it just sits stagnant
so the trash doesn't go away it stays but you can be sure it's not in front of the house of whoever wanted it plugged.
I met this guy going down the highway.  He/she moved to his/her right according to maritime law and let me pass.  It is nearly four inches long.  A little further on I met the herd he appeared to be scouting for.  Those that had encountered cars didn't look so good.  I wonder what they taste like.

The following video shows that this place looks just about like any other place in "Amurica". Mostly it's cars and places to park cars.

This little three minute video condenses about an hour of riding (9 miles).  It took longer than that as I did not hurry and stopped to pick up the lead weights the autos throw off, nearly a half pound today, and to look at things of interest.

The neighborhood at :18 is a modest tidy little place but the one at 1:22 is really a neighborhood of garages and driveways with attached bedrooms. Any of the driveways there cost more than my house and half acre.  My concept of housing is shelter when I need shelter not an enclosed artificial environment   People keep their cars in better places than people used to keep their livestock. The fellow on the trike near the end is a neighbor, has a car but prefers his bikes and trikes.

Chandra ask for a photo of the "ZEN" folded so here it is
 From this
 to this in just a jiffy with practice. This as small as I ever make it. It can be made smaller by pulling the handlebars off and sliding the stem down behind the seat tube and then doing the same with the seat.  For my use this is compact enough.  If you can read what is on the down tube you'll understand why I call it the "ZEN".  32 pounds.
 The magic box
I have never regretted buying it.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Thanks for taking me along for the ride. I enjoyed it and can taste the strawberries.

rlove2bike said...

Another very enjoyable post. It makes perfect sense to me.

Thanks for that.

Steve A said...

Many cops think riding a bike IS illegal for anyone over about the age of 10.

Your experience with the store manager is very common. I routinely take my bike in stores. I simply ask nicely and point out they don't have any other accommodations. I only do this when the bike is clean and dry, and would not do it if the store was packed. I think it would also not work as well if either of us lived in a place where bikes are ubiquitous.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Enjoyed the video tour of the neighborhood. I tried to look up the largest cricket in North America, and instead found page after page of images of a creature called a "mole cricket" that I have never come across. Once seen, cannot be unseen.

PaddyAnne said...

I hope the store does something about the bike parking. It sometimes just takes someone to bring it to their attention; hopefully this is what happens in your case, but bringing your bike into the store is a great alternative.

I LIKE your orange bike! Its cool and looks like it has a lot of heart. I have to look for one of those folding boxes.

Combining errands with a pleasant ride is the very best way to spend one's time. As you say, something that good just has to be illegal!

Big Oak said...

We had to dissect grasshoppers just like that in biology class. They were about 4" long and they were black. I bet they came from Louisiana!

That video is great - it's fun to see what other parts of the world look like from a bike seat.

Your bike all folded up reminds me of a contortionist who folds himself up and squeezes into a glass box.

mindful mule said...

One day we’ll all have ample covered bike parking… and people will be embarrassed to find a place to drive and park their cars… a boy can dream. Nice video… loved seeing the bus welcome you home. As for that grasshopper dude, very considerate of him to pull over for you… check out these babies from the opposite side of the spectrum/landmass. I needs me a folding bike…

Jon said...

Taste like chicken, I assume, since everything else seems to...

limom said...

That was a black and nasty looking grasshopper!

Anonymous said...

Off topic, I realize...but you might enjoy these pics of old rusting Navy ships in CA bay.

Bigfoot here.

Melanie said...

I see that fella on the trike from time to time.

I can tell you about AT&T's U-verse. Late last summer they came here doing a hard sell. Went door to door saying we were now wired for U-verse and convincing people to sign up on the spot. (I told them no, had to think about it.) Well, we finally decided to switch... and guess what? After all that, they realized we are too far from the hub so it's not available here after all. Genius.

Oldfool said...

Thanks to all for the comments. Your comments always add to the content and often give me ideas for future foolishness.

and Melonie: Att has it so wrong on so many fronts now that I find it hard to take them serious. I have issues with Comcast as well but they seem to at least be able to stay on.
I still use ATT for my mobile as I use the pay up front GoPhone and so my cell phone cost me $26.25 every three months. I'm sure if they, whoever they are, ever finds they have a happy customer they will change.

mindful mule said...

Also, what do you do with all the lead weights that the cars throw off? Are those the wheel alignment dealios? Save, use, dispose of properly?

Oldfool said...

The lead in wheel weights is about 3% antimony to make them hard enough to hold up on a spinning wheel. That also makes the lead hard enough to mold into bullets. I don't cast bullets these days but once upon a time in a former life I did. I have cast them into dive weights as well. These days I just pick them up from habit and every now and then when I need a compact weight I have it.
The stuff is safe if handled properly but you wouldn't want to eat it and when melting it stand up wind.
Many years ago I knew a fellow that used them as internal ballast for a small sailboat.

Falcondawn said...

I like your bike, your site, person and style. Keep moving, better than resting.

There are so many ways to keep moving or doing. People who dont move much, get old faster. Many things to explore keeping you young!

All the best from me sincerely!