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Friday, June 10, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Hands: Kittens are a lot like people

It is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens.
 ~Cynthia E. Varnado

I want you to know that this is not a blog that is devoted to anything,especially cats. That being said, between dealing with kittens, adult cats and our "know it all grandson" (baby Huey) lately our time is used up. Our grandson is off seeing the world on our retirement funds and the kittens require a lot of attention since they were weaned too early. The kittens appear to be surviving well. I don't know about Baby Huey.

This is the Hawk.

This is the bait.

Lest you think I am being a sissy here squealing like a pig let me inform you that these kittens are equipped with brand new very sharp teeth and claws. While taking this video I was being subjected to the death of a thousand cuts. When I stopped this foolishness I was bleeding. Since then there have been a few lessons in 'sitting on grandpa's foot' etiquette.
There is a food dish under that pile of kittens and from the sound of things I would not stick my hand in there. They eat like Americans at a free buffet.
There it is and it does not need to be washed.

The only thing I can see that Baby Huey excels at is being a pig.  I thought his mother was bad but he has her beat.  We are not all that tidy but compared to him we have some sort of neatness compulsive disorder. When his mother was a teenager she would only pick things up when she could no longer close the door so she could sulk in private or if something was stinking.  None of that bothers him.

The photo above is after nearly an hour of picking up so there was some floor to walk on.
In the course of the day I spent over four hours just picking up things to reduce the fire hazard. I took out 17 empty or half full plastic drink bottles and a dozen cans.  All were hidden in that mess you see above. I took out about a pound of melted candy and a full lunch sack of wrappers.  Personal notes, papers and porn were all trashed. A garbage bag of dirty clothes were taken out.  I picked up five dollars and 60 cents of coins from the floor.  You see he doesn't care for coins just paper money (preferable large denominations) and coins are just too much trouble to bend over and pick up.

That room is a little more tidy now but still too cluttered to live in. I quit because I was tired and hungry not because I was finished. He may not want me to clean it again since my only tools are a broom, a dustpan and garbage bags but I may add a manure fork and shovel. Most of the stuff I didn't really want to touch.

It will not ever get this bad again as I have appointed myself the "Fire Marshal" and now will conduct regular inspections without warning. The premises is on the condemned list currently.
Meanwhile these guys make me smile. They never complain and they are always glad to see me.

"I really shouldn't campare him to a pig. It gives a pig a bad name"
~Tom Swaim~


Gunnar Berg said...

I will not express an opinion on cats other than this from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service:
"Americans keep an estimated 60 million cats as pets. Let's say each cat kills only one bird a year. That would mean that cats kill over 60 million birds (minimum) each year - more wildlife than any oil spill.

Scientific studies actually show that each year, cats kill hundreds of millions of migratory songbirds. In 1990, researchers estimated that "outdoor" house cats and feral cats were responsible for killing nearly 78 million small mammals and birds annually in the United Kingdom.

University of Wisconsin ornithologist, Dr. Santley Temple estimates that 20-150 million songbirds are killed each year by rural cats in Wisconsin alone."

Ben in Texas said...

I don't believe a word of what Gunnar Berg says,,he ain't a cat lover for sure.

AS for you and your Herd of Fuzzy Carpet Sharks in Training.. Dang they are cute!!
You Two are doing great!!
You gonna start a fund for the vet bill? I'll contribute for sure. but ONLY if you have them all spayed or nurtured.
I won't be at all surprised if you put up a "click here" to donate that you wouldn't get some funding.

Von said...

Here in Australia if each cat eats a bird that is an introduced species or an introduced rat, mouse of other creature, it won't be enough to eliminate the 'intruders' who were so foolishly introduced and do so much damage to our native birds and animals and the habitat.

rlove2bike said...

Baby Huey's room picture reminds me of our daughter's room. She is smart, but messy is putting it mildly.

Steve A said...

Blogger is being nasty again!

Dizzy-Dick said...

Your grandson must be related to my grandson.

PaddyAnne said...

Watching kittens play is much more entertaining than any TV and most movies and is time well spent. Plus, kittens like to curl up next to you.

L. F. Hawkins said...

I'm with you like your skin on all this, Old Fool, and although I haven't commented, or made an entry on my own BLOG, I have made copious notes intended to fuel my response to your last several postings, but I am truly in a fury of planting: albeit several dozens of plants raised from seed: 13 varieties of tomato, five different peppers, 5 squash, (winter and summer), 6 cucumbers, etc., etc., and, after ten hours frolicking in the volcanic ash I call soil (drains like a sieve) I haven't much energy left over, except to open a bottle of wine and gaze out on what I consider to be the nicest garden in at least fifty miles.
I miss my cat (and dog), the gophers and moles do not.
Wish it would warm up a little.
The passing of your friend, Thaddeous Babin, reminds me again of the transitory nature of what we refer to as 'life'. I often wonder if eternal 'life' would be blessing or curse. I'm not ready to go just yet, I have many dozen primrose seedlings to transplant and scores of books on my shelves I want to read, but I do, just in case, have a black bag packed with a copy of Rimbaud's 'Illuminations'', Henry Miller's 'Stand Still Like the Hummingbird, a book on Japanese Woodblock Prints, and a walking stick that reminds me of one Dali carried in his later years and which I think quite suited to whack the devil should he prove too friendly. My best to you and SWMBO, and the felines.

ladyhawthorne said...

Sorry you're having to clean up Baby Huey's mess, but the kitties are the cutest. I always have to remind myself I already have 2 grown cats at home so I won't bring home more.

Joey said...

Gee, you're easy on him. I would have bagged up all that stuff and gotten rid of it, and rented out the room, but then.... he IS your grandson.

My daughter cleans her room once a month. She's not that bad, but once upon a time, she was.

Those kittens are precious, and Gunnar... I hate to say this, but the truth is... you don't like cats. It's why you've read the studies about them.

Cats is what they is, honey.

Oldfool said...

Joey is right "cats is what they is". Without cats we have mice and rats with cats we don't. We did not chose to have these cats we inherited them. The alternative for them was simply unacceptable to us.

I'm not worried about what the cats do to the environment as I think the real scourge is humanity. If eliminated earth would be a nicer place and about that I am certain. So Von I think humans are the invasive species.

Mr Hawkins I'm not ready yet either because there is so much yet to learn. Why I need to learn more stuff to spend eternity in oblivion is something I don't understand but I am compelled to do it just the same. Eternal life is not for me because even though I have a light load of grief to carry it is becoming burdensome just the same. The load of grief only increase it never decreases.

Thanks for the suggestion Ben but we can handle this. We have food and drink to share for all who are hungry and thirsty. A full belly is wealth beyond compare.

We are diverting our resources from the "save the unborn, gay, political prisoner whales" movement to "save the kittens" movement. That way they can be a nuisance before they die some other way.

I hope that "baby Huey" is learning from his experience although that is probably too much to ask.

Thanks to all for responding.