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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Life Goes On

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.~Emily Dickinson

After the unfortunate demise of our friend Thaddeous Babin other unexpected events have unfolded. He had a momma cat, a cowardly male and seven kittens. SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) brought them home. Two of the cats we now have, the gray/white and the black/white (panda) came from the same momma cat earlier this year. They are further down in this post. The alternative to them coming here was to have animal control pick them up. Animal control here is a joke and I would rather slit their throats and throw them in the bayou than that. If you know me then you know that is not about to happen.
Please excuse the background noise from SWMBO TV in the following video.

There were seven but one died at the house we think from the heat. We have been having very hot weather and Ted being dead had not turned the A/C on. SWMBO* was not the first on the scene but when when she arrived she switched it on.  Her impression was that those there were either afraid of a dead man or were just stupid. Probably a little of both.
Another died before she could get them here.

*Note: SWMBO was notified because she has been the closest human to Ted for the last 10+ years. She took him to the store last Monday and she cut his hair when it was cut last. We saw him and we both talked to him often, much more than his relatives including his children. For years she helped him work his garden. She was without a doubt his closest friend which he acknowledged readily.
This was on our back porch before noon Friday.
We ended up with five unique kittens, the momma and the cowardly male. The last two are under the bus traumatized to the max. The momma (Elvira) abandoned the kittens to save her own skin but fortunately they are eating even though they were weaned rather quickly. The picture at the top of the post was taken this morning.
That brings our total number of cats this morning to ten and Panda is pregnant. Oh well, cats they come and they go.
This pile of weeds waiting for a lifting of the burn ban has become a cat playhouse.  That's Panda's butt sticking out of it.
Speaking of Panda she seems to have been caught by a lizzard of an unknown type. It has lots of teeth and strong jaws and seems determined to eat this fat cat.  We thought at first it was a baby alligator but it's just an aggressive lizard.
I do not seem to be able to take a photo worth a crap this morning.
This photo was shot through a very dirty window and screen as there is no way I can sneak up on this puppy.  Yersinia is sitting up there to stay out of the fleas I guess.
Speaking of fleas despite repeated doses of deadly chemicals and every home remedy we can find we are still plagued with them.
This is not the first tomato from my creole tomatoes but it is the first perfect one.  It was delicious but the skin is like shoe leather. Fresh vine ripe tomatoes with a side of Chianti is living good.
I am making salsa with my tomatoes and chili's now.

Not having a death wish I am keeping my old bones in out of the extreme heat. I will be going out in it later to play with the water  hose when I go soap up the fleas again.  I may not be able to kill them all but I can still kill millions and those that survive will be uncomfortable.

I have plenty of books to read, fabric that needs to be made into a kilt, fabric for a robe and I may even write and sketch a bit. I don't intend to follow Ted so soon.

My formula for living is quite simple.  I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can.~Cary Grant


Melanie said...

Sorry to hear of your neighbor's passing. Cute kittens... It's tempting to take one off your hands. I have been thinking of how sweet a cuddly kitten would be. But to quote Odgen Nash - The trouble with a kitten is that it eventually becomes a cat!!

Oldfool said...

Oh Melanie you need two kittens.

Ben in Texas said...

You and SWMBO are special people to take in the kitties like that. Well done sir.. God has a special place saved for you I'm sure, right next door to Noah.

Shadowmoss said...

Wish I was in a position to take a couple. I talk to the feral cats on post as they lie in the sun and watch me walk by. When I am back in the US for good I will look you up.

Melanie said...

Kitties are so cute... but I have one grown cat and that is one too many!!

Clint Galliano said...

Have you tried spreading lime in your yard? When I lived at my old house & we got the flea invasions, I would get a sack of lime from work and spread it around in the yard...apparently, they can't deal with the higher pH.

As far as fleas on the inside of buildings, I know that they sell special setups with a blue nightlight that sits over a pan of water. I am guessing the fleas jump to the light "...head into the light, little fleas, head into the light...", fall into the water below, and drown. You don't need to buy anything, just set up a nightlight with a plate or pan of water below it, should work the same.

Condolences on Mr. Babin's passing. There seems to be too much of that lately in the world, even though it is a natural part of it. It doesn't make it any easier.

I have to echo what Melanie said, the one cat is too

Dizzy-Dick said...

You and SWMBO are special people for sure. BTW, I have seen girls wear lizards as ear-rings. Not sure how they get them to let go. . .

Joey said...

How sad about your neighbor... so many people die because of the heat in the summer. Makes me so sad...

I'm glad your wife was his friend, and very glad that the kittens are in your home.

You have a soft heart... yes you do.


workbike said...

Our son wants me to come and get a kitten: unfortunately we're rather a long way away, and we don't have anywhere for a cat except the Very Smallholding which is already a battleground for the local cats and one local dog who chases them off. Not a happy rest home for a traumatised feline...