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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Lunch and other activities

It is written that "man shall not live by bread alone........." and I agree.  Man needs some chili to go with it.

I have been hiding under the bed again only coming out to fix things and not much of that. Mostly because I'm not dealing well in social contact with my fellow man.
 Two large spoons of refried beans cold straight from the can. I use the kind made with lard instead of soybean oil. They taste better and are no more fattening. Spread in a thin layer on bottom of bowl.
 Ladle in hot all meat chili made with rib eye steak.  We don't really care for rib eye but these were on sale and made excellent chili. Add several large spoons of homemade salsa made with homegrown serrano chilis, tomatoes and cilantro. Onions are from Alabama. That's the salsa on the left.
Delicious. I like the contrast of the cold frijoles on bottom hot chili in the middle and cold salsa on top. Don't come looking for any 'cause there is none left.

Now for the eggs.
 SWMBO (She who must be obeyed) found these this morning under a tarp that was in the garden pavilion.  They are about 2+ inches long and believed to be from the black rat snake family (black racers, blue racers, etc).
 One of the dried up ones.
She dissected one of course.  It's a little past its prime for me to eat.

It's back under the bed for me. It's too hot outside for my old bones. I have a stack of books and an internet connection.  The fleas and their walking buffets have the yard. The tomatoes are about finished, the chilies love the heat, the spices are in the shade and everything else failed. I don't care.


Emmy said...

The chili looks absolutely amazing! I'm going to have to try and make some of that myself :)

Hope you brought some good books under the bed with you. Sometimes, a person just needs to slip away for a little while, and have some time away from people. When I feel like that at home, I just hide in my room. But when I'm a school and share my room, I like to hide in the library with the Oscar Wilde books. No particulr reason for choosing Wilde; it just feels right.

Chandra said...

I have never ever seen a snake egg until now. So, thanks for that!

Stay cool and be well, Richard! I will look forward to more posts from you.

Peace :)

John Romeo Alpha said...

Fortunately for me and humanity, when it's hot as blazes I can ride out and have the desert mountain parks more or less to myself (and my bicycle).

Jon said...

We always called those snakes black "erasers", when I was a kid, because my uncle called them that, as a joke. I was probably 12 or 13 years old before I realized that wasn't the real name...