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Monday, July 4, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Darwin

If we are going to teach creation science as an alternative to evolution, then we should also teach the stork theory as an alternative to biological reproduction.”Judith Hayes

Creation of Adam ~Michelangelo

I often make jokes about "The Darwin Award" and I have read much about the man Darwin himself.  Historically I think he was most significant and I have marveled at how he had the courage to see the world more as it is and less as religious leaders would like you to believe it is. I have just watched a movie that rounded up what I had read (studied) before but this movie added a new element that I had not thought much about and that element is how tortured he must have been. He was not the only one that believed in evolution but he was the one who documented it. He went against all his prior teachings, popular beliefs and most of all his wife's beliefs.  He was married to his first cousin with which he had ten children and they were very much in love and lust. He had to go against her beliefs to publish his work and she had to go against her own beliefs to inable him as he would not do it without her and that proves to me a love story that bears telling.  The work nearly killed him. His pain was greatly magnified when his oldest daughter, who was following in his footsteps, passed. He was aware that breeding that close in a family was a double edged sword and could improve the breed or make it worse.  When his daughter died I am sure he blamed his union with his wife but their bond was so very strong and they endured. The turmoil had to have been extremely painful.

What brought these thoughts on was a movie called "Creation" that I have just watched.  It moved me deeply and yes I cried. I am not only an Old fool but a wimpy oldfool too.

I don't usually do book or movie reports but this one aroused enough emotions inside this old bag of watery guts to cause pain.
Creation the movie

There are many that think this subject is just old stuff long settled and forgotten.  I think it is not as I believe that there are many that would burn you at the stake, stone you to death or hack off your head for these thoughts if they thought they could get away with it. Many would do that even if they knew they couldn't get away with it. We are far from being civilized.


limom said...

You know something is goofy when it becomes a touchy subject in the classroom.
Like in college biology.

Ben in Texas said...

I've seen the Movie you suggested ( not that long ago) . Found it while searching for a good movie based on his Book, "The Origin of the Species" Which I have and have read at least twice. Haven't yet found a movie that covers his story near as well as the Book.
I would really like to see a major motion picture that covers the book in detail.

Northmark said...

I read "Lucy" because you mentioned it. And when I see Orson Scott Card's books I keep thinking maybe I should give him a chance.

Barney (The Old Fat Man) said...

"We are far from being civilized. "
You have got that extremely correct.

Ash said...

I'm going to go see this film ASAP! It sounds great.

~ The Tuckerbag ~

Ted said...

Each person has the power of reason(right or wrong)that power is what balances thier life.If I believe something to be ,until I prove it different to me than that is what I believe.My mind an body is in harmony It's all with in each person.I hope I make sense to you.

Ted said...

When I say there are a lot of things I believe an I can not tell you why believe me it is true.But there is an other side to that no one can prove me wrong either.

Oldfool said...

Northmark: I found that "Ender's Game" caused me to view children differently. In a good way.
They are more than they are generally given credit for.

Gunnar Berg said...

Like the quote ...a lot.

Chandra said...

Crying is therapeutic! I will check out the movie, thanks.

Peace :)

Wartime Housewife said...

Funnily enough, I bought this film just a couple of weeks ago. I, too, found it fascinating that he was so troubled by the ramifications of his work and the complex reaction of his wife.

I thought it was also an excellent exemplar of the power of mental dis-ease and what a debilitating and 'real' thing mental illness is, and how it can manifest physical illness. The mind is indeed a wondrous thing.