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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Even Here In Shitsville We Have Sunsets or If I Have This Why Should I Worry.

Why do I have the impression that the Republicans want to eliminate the old unmoneyed (poor) people and the Democrats do not care? ~Tom Swaim

It was far more beautiful than this.

The sky is not political.

My trash is obscured. There is only beauty.

Then there is the finale.  You don't have to believe in god to believe in this.


Steve A said...

Per the quote - wasn't it Obama that proposed Social Security cuts yesterday? And AARP says "okey dokey."

Ash said...

Great pictures, there's nothing like an awesome sunset to make you feel ok with the world.

~ The Tuckerbag ~

Ricky said...

Gorgeous sunset glad you have something as beautiful as that to keep you inspired..God Bless..

Anonymous said...

You have some great blogs, enjoy following it, and like you am frustrated at state of affairs. Sometimes long for 'good old days."
Don't mean to argue with you but that sunset and so many other things didn't come about by chance. As for evolution, how do you think reproduction evolved. Too complex by far if you really consider it, and it HAD to work or no complex lifeforms could be here. I've to tried look at both sides of equation, it demands a creator. Maybe one a lot better than many churches teach. God bless.