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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Hitchhiker

Fill your mind with compassion
                                - Buddhist Quotes & Sayings

I had a hitchhiker today. One with a nice green complexion, sexy eyes and very young.

Photos taken with a cheap phone camera

I was going along minding my own business exercising my horseless carriage and I felt the tickling on my leg. Ever since the unfortunate event involving the scorpion when I was younger I have made it a habit to look before scratching or swatting.

I'm not actually driving nekked here. Look closely and you can see I have on flip flops.
This young lady (had to be a girl, look at those eyes) watched me intently with patience.  I refrained from scratching until I came upon a church yard with abundant bushes that looked like a paradise of bugs for these carnivorous creatures.

It was a nice encounter.

Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds 
                                                             - Buddhist Quotes & Sayings


Von said...

Love it, your lucky day!

Northmark said...

Surprisingly often you write something that relates to something else I am reading at the time.

Maybe this is overthinkining it, but I still think this is interesting: John Berger's essay Why Look at Animals?.

Ash said...

She's quite a looker

~ The Tuckerbag ~

rlove2bike said...

Sometimes...I don't even wear shoes :-)

Emmy said...

How fun :) Looks like you've got a new lady friend!