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Monday, July 18, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Quack, Quack. That's duck for rain.

What we think, we become.

I went off to the store to get a few things thinking that since it had been raining for a week and since I was tired of it then it was over. Not!
I love those folding baskets.

After I was loaded I noticed a little water in the parking lot and the solid down pour that was occurring.
It didn't look too bad so I set off. I hadn't gone 20 feet until I met the deluge.
I had looked up but it didn't look that bad. It poured until I was riding through ankle deep water on the roadway. My wheels and fenders turned into a pump moving many gallons of water.
It is still raining today starting at about five AM.  Everything that leaks is leaking.  Fortunately some things leak out as fast as leak in. Living on a boat for all those years has conditioned me to accept it beside I don't melt.

It's a cool 75 degrees in sprinkles as I write this and I have just had nearly a half pound of SWMBO's (she who must be obeyed) homemade macaroni and cheese for lunch.  It's the real thing.  When I have it leftover for lunch like today I have to bring it into the bus to fix it.  You see I like it fried in a hot skillet until the room is smoked up  and the bottom is black. That causes a lot of one sided conversation in the house sprinkled with snide smart aleck remarks and swearing. I then mix it, add cayenne and parmesan cheese only this time I skipped the cayenne as she had added an adequate amount. I am sufficiently full now, my cave is sufficiently smokey and with the resonating Celtic drums in the background I am nearly ready for a nap.  This is as civilized as I want to be.

Why you may ask would I be so foolish as to go out in inclement weather. A very good reason I would answer. We were about to be out of  toilet paper.  We take it for granted until it's gone. When I stocked my boat for a Pacific passage I was once asked why I had so much T.P.  I ask that person in exchange which they would rather have a thousand miles at sea, a stack of twenty dollar bills or toilet paper.

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world.


Wartime Housewife said...

Shall I send you some gofa wood - just in case...?

Von said...

Sounds like a good day!

Ted said...

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world.

My thoughts! Are farts lumpy?

rlove2bike said...

I am with you...I like T.P.

Northmark said...

I agree that left-overs should be fried, preferably so they get a nice crust.

Only the homeless, people who bike and dog walkers really know anything about rain. But the other ones are the ones really complaining about it.

bigcreek said...

That rain sure does look good, send us some here in Texas. One of my friends in hill country has had less than 2" all year. Said it looks like a horror movie!

Chandra said...

Hi Richard,
Nice timely post about rain, which we haven't seen (a good soaking one) in a long while here in DFW.

I like being out in the "warm" rain. Cold rain can suck big time!

If one doesn't worry too much about messing up a clean bike (and possibly some of its parts), riding in the rain can be a lot of fun.

I have to make paper boats (ships) and float'em, next time it rains hard here.

Peace :)

Joey said...

I do love to hear what's going on in your neck of the woods.

It is dry here. I just returned from West Texas. Hot dry days but sweet summer nights... drinking iced tea. I still miss my home town, but was happy to get home.

Wonder why anyone would ask such a question about TP. It's the first thing I'd have on my list.

Oh well. You take care.