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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Old Fools Journal: To Choose To Be Ignorant is Stupid! or Do you know what you are putting into your mouth?

You are what you eat.

Is that too strong a title? Sorry I don't know how else to put it. I have buried my head in the sand for long enough I guess and the only penance I can do is admit my stupidity not to mention my lack of responsibility. Not only have I refused to pay attention to things but I have willfully covered up that I have any knowledge of those things.
It has been brought to my attention the the movie "Food Inc" is to play again on PBS. I saw it when it came out in 2008 and I thought I had properly ignored it but it has gnawed on me until I am sore. It's time to 'fess up I guess.

Here is a short little preview.

If that interest you then here is a link to the full movie on YouTube.

This Movie "Food Inc" is a real eye opener but let me warn you that if you are subject to painful paranoia don't watch it. If you easily fantasize about what "they" (insert "they of choice" here - Obama, tea party, nut jobs, religious nuts, young girls, old men, the poor, the rich, etc) are doing to you don't watch it as you will find many places to deviate into your fantasy.

While watching it this time I noted the things that have changed for me since I watched it in 2008. I find that groceries have become more expensive not because prices have gone up but because I buy locally all that I am able. Things like vegetables  nuts, meat (recent), fish or any seafood (BP has kind of put the evil eye on that) and fruit.  I don't buy bread made in Patagonia or Los Angeles as there is plenty made here.  Read the labels on the bread and you will be surprised how much of it uses diesel fuel to get to you.

I quit milk because of the growth hormones. My eggs come from local ground walking chickens and so does  my meat.

I know I'm not doing much but every little bit helps and as I practice what I preach perhaps I will get better.  I know I cannot get everything I need locally but I can at least do what I can.

Monsanto is a bad word here. Dow and Dupont went on that list during the Viet Nam business deal but I can't remember why.

Now for some locally made chili for lunch. Made in Bayou Blue by SWMBO (she who must be obeyed).


Gunnar Berg said...

I've seen the movie. I also buy as local as I can, as organic as I can, but there is always a price to pay. I have a friend who is a big farmer who also eats organic, but points out that he has spent his life protecting his land from erosion and using as little energy as possible. To control weeds the organic farmers must till the ground 4 or 5 times to his one and causing, to his eyes, terrible erosion of an irreplaceable resource and in the process consume way more fuel. Organic production may be feasible for large garden plots, but it cannot feed the world.

Steve A said...

Chili by SWMBO is only second to the same as leftovers.

Johann Rissik said...

"you will be surprised how much of it uses diesel fuel to get to you"

That is basically it, a large percentage of what we pay for food is paying for the diesel. Just doesn't make sense. Never did. (Ironically, the verification word is "liters", whch is how we measure diesel down here ;)

Old Jules said...

Morning to you.

My dialup would leave me downloading that movie until after I've been dead several months, I imagine. But I think I grasp the concept more-or-less from what you've said about it.

I grow what I can of my basic needs, eat a lot of eggs and not much meat, but I'll confess I'm guilty when I buy necessities in town. Everything I buy, I buy as cheap as I can find it. Dollar Tree, Dollar General et al are my first line of defense before I go to a supermarket. Summers if I'm in town when the farmer's market is going I buy what I can there. But if not, I just look at the prices and allow them to persuade me in favor of what I buy.

I suppose with me it's just greed. I try to stretch the amount of money I have as far as it will go despite whatever the downsides might be insofar as a grander scale of economics or what the producers did to it so's it will eventually kill me sooner than I'd have died anyway, maybe.

If I was everyone instead of just me I'd probably try harder not to be part of the problem

Oldfool said...

Gunnar: I hear that argument a lot but I am skeptical. My experience is that it only can't be done because it cuts into profits.
Steve: It was SWMBO's left over chili. Notice I said was. It was so good I can't even describe it.
Johann: Since I used to drive a coast to coast produce truck I was well aware of the amount of diesel in a head of lettuce. When you tally the amount of oil that goes into growing that head of lettuce it gets to an amazing amount for everything you eat. In the 1990's the cost of transportation added 4.4 american cents to a pound of lettuce as I recall.
Jules: I am as frugal as they come and I have marveled at how low our grocery bill is but I now wonder how I am paying the real cost. We live on Social Security solely (3 adults since the grandson came of age) so there is not much leeway. If food laced with poison is cheaper and I don't know it I will eat that. The problem is I do know it so I can't eat it. I wouldn't drink from a known poisoned well either.

Chandra said...

Nothing like a healthy home cooked meal! If you liked Food Inc, check out Super-size Me, King Corn. They are also good movies to watch.

Peace :)

SReth said...

Here, here. Great stuff. In
Defense of Food, Michael Pollan, for the basics of choosing the right foods to help ourselves and where our food supply will end up going. Stay out of the center of the market. Anything good is around the perimeter. The rest is junk food. No GMO's (monsanto will own our food and then us). yeah, permaculture! Free Speech TV dish, 9415 has great documentarie and regular shows like "Meet The Farmer"
Love your blog and it just keeps getting better.

2whls3spds said...

Fortunately I still live in an area where I can get just about everything I need locally and do. We have some acreage, plant gardens and keep hens for eggs and meat. I think I shocked some visitors a while back, they wanted to know the name of the chickens...Fried, Pot pie and Soup :P


Anonymous said...

'If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.' - Dalai Lama.