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Friday, August 19, 2011

Old Fools Journal: My Tire's Got Hole In It

Shit happens. Oh well I can still buy tires at the hardware store in the village 10 miles east for nine dollars and tubes for five.
New tire, new tube, old wheel, old spokes and old pie plate. I've left the pie plate on because it seem to piss some bike snobs off and set me apart as what they call a "Fred" I think. I'm not going to look it up because I don't care. The wheel is the original, as is the front, heavier than hell steel and is straight, true and 36 years old. The spokes are rusty and pitted but I have only broken one and they have taken a lot of abuse these last 6 years.
Off to the store to get more rotgut.
This beautiful blue gray kitten showed up for breakfast a few mornings ago. A fat happy cat.
The next door neighbor and the new kitten seem to like each other so it moved on. Fickle and knows a sucker when he sees one.

I'm tired.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Get some rest, you did a lot of work today. More than I did, that is for sure.

Steve A said...

I got some medical advice from my doctor that relates to rotgut. "Life is too short to drink blended whisky." Yes, he can be a snob at times, but he does ride a bike so I cut him some extra slack.

Emmy said...

Finally got around to watching The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. Thank you for the recommendation; I really liked it :)

Sorry it's taken me since June to watch it!

PaddyAnne said...

I like your yellow bike

workbike said...

Snobs are easily annoyed. At work my boss gets grumpy when people ask him to fit a kickstand on a mountainbike.

I don't think he's being serious.

Johann Rissik said...

Pie plates? If you don't mind the chain going into the spokes and doing some real damage, then they are not necessary. I too am one of those strange people that sees no benefit in running that risk at the expense of fitting a pie plate.
Yes, with a properly adjusted derailleur it's unlikely to happen, but still can and does.
Those most vehemently opposed to the humble plate are, in my opinion, not the ones who would end up dirtying their hands fixing such damage.
As for that hole in the tyre? You clearly have the wrong readership that not one commenter has suggested fixing it with a S100 bill ;)
word verification letters in de pu is google trying to tell us something?

Outa_Spaceman Being: 53 said...

I love bike snobs.
I see them out on their shiny uber-cycles, with their polystrene wigs, warp-arounds, shaved legs and sore bottoms.
It really upsets them when a buffoon (me) on a 3 speed sit up-and-beg hooks on to their back wheel and whistles a merry tune in their slip-stream.

O.S.M. B:53

Oldfool said...

I have corrected the price of the tire. It's 9 dollars plus tax.
Thanks DD: I did.
Steve A: I agree
Emmy: I'm looking for another good one. I seem to be having trouble concentrating on reading these days. Maybe old age, maybe drugs.
PaddyAnne: Year ago Ford marketed a Model A in yellow with black fenders. I loved it and still do.
Andy: Your boss would have a conniption fit at all the stuff I require.
Johann: I've had the chain come off at both ends for no apparent reason. After putting it back could find nothing out of adjustment and it worked perfect until it happened again. Gremlins. I have my bikes fixed now so that at least the chain can't jam. $100 bill? tire and tube was under $15.00.
O.S.M.: I don't run into many snobs and it's unlikely that one would even talk to me. They might sneer (I hope)but only behind my back. I think I look too grumpy to fuck with.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I pray for an alien invasion where the LGMs hit us with a global EMP and all the governments of the world band together to provide the defense forces with thousands of old ten speeds with gleaming pie plates and racks and fenders and sharpended entrenching tools to ride out to meet the invaders and BikeSneerNYC is compelled to drop his pretenses along with his aggressive court jester argumentative stance to join as one with the nufreds and heavily bearded recumbent riders alike to defeat the insectile army. Podium.

Oldfool said...

JRA: Great imagery and it made me laugh. Good Medicine.

Steven Cain said...

When I raced(that is, when I was a bike snob), a 'Fred' was what we called distance riders training for the RAAM: guys with 40lb. bikes, beards, black socks, hard helmets (they weren't required then)and mirrors clipped to there eyeglasses. Guys with pie plates and reflectors we just called 'dangerous';)

Dig the yellow bike.