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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Quack, Quack beats Glub, Glub Anytime

Rained all day yesterday, rained moderate to heavy all night and there is light rain now. The ditches are full, part of the garden is full and every small leak I have has leaked prodigiously.  It's sort of like living on a boat.
It is currently 82 degrees at 0945 central daylight time and there is light rain. The wind is south southeast at about 5 knots down here among the trees. I don't think I'll be riding my bicycle today.

This Avocado that I sprouted from a California Hass avocado I ate about a year and a half ago is growing like stink despite the freeze last winter and numerous wind events. The wind last night kind of bent it over but I'll fix that after a while.
This is one of last years Jalapenos.  This is the first time I have had a Jalapeno grow chilis in clusters. I have six chili plants both jalapeno and serrano and I have all I need. I made mango salsa last week and it was delicious.
The fall tomatoes I put out weathered the rain and wind pretty well. The big problem is the cats and that is why all the pots and boards are there.  Cats feel compelled to shit on new dirt, sand, perlite or any thing else new. It's what they do.  Unless we have an early freeze I should get some ripe tomatoes from these. If not green ones will do.
The problem is not with freezing I can protect from that. The problem will be the shorter cooler days. These plant are hard wired to do what  they do without a thermometer or clock.
I planted the equivilent of a 20 foot row of sugar peas a few days ago and apparently they like the cool and the rain as they are already sprouting. You can see them above. They were floated out of the dirt by the rain but I have reburied them.  I tried planting these in the spring but it was too late and they fried before they could fruit.  These are what I call grazing food as I eat them off the plant as fast as they form like cherry tomatoes.
Everything is in the shade right now and will remain so until I'm sure we are not going to get more blasting heat. Then they will go out into full sun.
 At least every two weeks I go to the villages east of where I live about 10 miles to visit my favorite vegetable stand. This is also where I get my eggs.
Their vegetables are sometimes local and sometimes not. For instance today's potatoes are from Minnesota, onions are from New Mexico and tomatoes are from Alabama. The eggs are from this farm's backyard.
I met Mister Howard because of Tropical Storm Lee that brought all this rain.  I call him mister because he is older than I am by a year.  His card says "IF YOU EAT IT I GROW IT". Although he lives just up the road from this spot under the hwy 90 overpass he normally goes into Houma, La on Fridays to the farmers market.  It was too windy to set up his shade in Houma so he set up here under the overpass. Lucky me.
Today he was selling Okra and it is the sweetest okra I have ever had.  He said I can call him anytime to see what he has.  At the end of November he will have green beans.  I suspect we will be doing further business.
Now I'm going to fry up some of that okra for lunch.


Steve A said...

Three things I will never eat - at least until I'm safely back in Washington State: okra, catfish, grits.

Ben in Texas said...

Back in the 70's I separated and divorced wife #2. I did take with me a jalapeno in a planter that put off the best peppers. Long story , short version, I ended up giving it to some friends in Leesburg Virgina, they kept it inside out of the winter and ate peppers off it for a couple years longer. Used to eat fresh jalapenos by the handful till I discovered serranos

Diane said...

If you can find fallen pine cones they are a great, durable "mulch" for discouraging cats.

Oldfool said...

Well Steve too bad for you although I agree that grits are a waste of time and corn.

Ben if you like chiles try chile pequin they are great when green in soup. Becareful they vary in heat from batch to batch.

Thanks Diane I had forgotten that. I don't have a source right now but I'll bet I find some pretty quick. There are pines everywhere. Somebody will let me have some.

Von said...

Okra, love it!!! I grew it very successfully one year here in SA but never again.It's very particular.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Sounds like you found a good source of fresh veggies.

Oldfool said...

Von the same thing happened to us. The fist year we were here 10 plants kept us in all the okra we could eat during season but never again.

Dick I am pursuing it vigorously. Groceries are becoming a significant part of the budget and I want to be on friendly terms with every gardener I can find plus grow my own.

Dizzy-Dick said...

I was dissapointed that you didn't send me a big portion of the rain you got from the tropical storm. Or didn't you get all that the weater channel was predicting.

Wartime Housewife said...

Hi Oldfool - I don't suppose you would consider sharing the mango salsa with us do you? It sounds heavenly.

Wartime Housewife said...

I meant the mango salsa recipe of course - I don't expect a tubful to come in the post!

Oldfool said...

Dick be careful what you wish for.

W H: I have no recipe. I cut a mango and then chop onion (sweet or hot), chiles which are jalapeno and serrano currently. One chile goes a long way. If I have lemon or lime a squeeze of that, salt to taste. Sometimes black pepper.
The chiles need to have the seeds removed and the white membrane if you don't want it too hot. I chop half the chiles or more really fine and the rest in larger chunks. Fine adds heat to the salsa and chunks give you the taste of the chile when you bite into it.
Basically I make salsa fresca chunky but replace the tomato with mango which I particularly like. I always leave it chunky. It is sweet and pequinte. Sometimes I add fresh cilantro (chinese parsley).
In tomato salsa I use red or green tomato and sometimes tomatios. Sometimes I leave it chunky and sometimes it is blended. Occasionally I will cook it.
I made a peach salsa once and it was good as well.

Wartime Housewife said...

Sounds lovely - thanks for that.

Degringolade said...

Man...Nice life.

I am covetous

Thanks for post