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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Tropical Storm Lee has moved on. There will be another along soon.

We've dried out a little so I made a little trip to the general store to pick up some paper work.  Not very heavy but both saddlebags are maxed out with cat food, dog food, paper towels, napkins, etc.  The important stuff is on the top of the rack. This bike makes shopping for volume products easy.
The pump is essential as I have flats riding in the broken glass the locals keep the roads supplied with by throwing beer bottles and ramming each other.
 This is my favorite bell. You see it here in the stealth mode.
When it's down like this it quietly dings as I ride making most zombies aware of my presence which is no problem since they detect no noticeable brain in my head.  When I shake it with my thumb even the deaf hear it. Never mind the rust it's just another color in this wet country.
I consider this type bell as minimal but it works and came on my folder.
This is a little fancier and is cute but the compass is only good for telling where the steel handlebar is. That would be handy if I ever lost it. The direction it's pointing is south. It rings so it's good enough.
My help although not much.


Ben in Texas said...

Shoot, Your "helper" is just doing a cat scan to make sure you get it right!! :-)

Dizzy-Dick said...

Nice transportation, for sure. I like the big bell.

Big Oak said...

I bought my wife the exact bell you have shown with the compass. I could never figure why the compass doesn't work right. The arrow always points toward her. I tell her it's because she is so attractive.

But there is a lot of steel in her bike, so that explains why it doesn't work properly.

Chandra said...

Nice ride! Looks like you can carry lots of stuff on it. You too have a little furry helper, eh? Cool!

Peace :)

PS. I hate broken glass. There is no shortage of ignorance, unfortunately!

Anonymous said...

The only time I can remember joyfully loading up a car is a) going on a groovy road trip, or 2) it's still a new enough car to be excited about. That excitement wanes, and then it's back to traffic, parking, grumble grumble.

6 years into cargo bike ownership, and I take joy in loading that baby up every time, no matter how mundane the errand.


Oldfool said...

Ben: Not only did I get a "cat scan" but she took a DNA sample too.
Dick: Bell-thrift shop=25 cents
BG: Magnets love iron in its many forms. I learned that at sea beating my brains out trying to follow an impossible course while sailing with a steel coffee can next to the compass.
Chandra: That is "one of ten".
Anon: When I have to go somewhere in a motor vehicle I get tied in knots. When I go on my bike it unties the knots.

PaddyAnne said...

I love your "school bell" bell!

stephanie said...

As always, your post adds some extra light to life.

have a very nice day

Oldfool said...

Paddy-I love bells. I've been working on another made from a candlestick and a bicycle inner tube but I haven't worked the kinks out yet.

Stephanie-I've been wondering about you and what you are up to. It's none of my business but I am curious. I hope things are going well.

Anonymous said...

I really like how funtional your cargo bike is. Can you carry a heavy load on one side or do you have to balance it so it's about the same on each side?

Oldfool said...

When riding an unbalanced load is no problem. When I pick up propane I carry one bottle on one side and the only problem with that is when standing. The oak cane I carry is used as a prop to assist the stand. Mostly I try to even out the load.