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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Changes In Latitudes or 'Thangs change' too fast

This is Rosendo Robles in Loreto, Baja Sur, Mexico. We lived there in a past life. I built that board fence about half way down the street on the left.  The power pole there is the far end of that fence. The street ends at the Sea of Cortez.  This is pretty much how it looked when we were last there in 1990.
To my right a couple of hundred feet on the cross street I'm standing on ends at the plaza in the center of town. The Google view truck did not go there.
Photo scanned from a 20 plus year old Kodachrome print taken with a cheap Nipponese camera.
Same street twenty or so years later photo supplied by Google Earth. That little patch of blue at the end is the Sea of Cortez. I would probably be arrested for vagrancy here now.  Notice the difference in the number of cars.
This guy used to live across the street in the lot behind the blue car on the right. He got a lot bigger than this and once took a stroll down the street. I don't remember what his fate was but I'll bet it had to do with tacos. Our favorite pork taco place when we lived there was several blocks away at a  house near the  'super mercado'.  They would butcher a pig and roast it on an open fire then serve it up as tacos. Just a tortilla with the best roast pork you've ever eaten other than kalua pork .

I took a little tour around town via Google Earth and it looks pretty much like it did when we lived there. Lots of partly done construction and chaos. Muddy too so it must have just rained.  My next door neighbor in the foreground on the left still looks pretty much the same except that the greenery has gotten bigger.

I'm sure there are those that think the title of this post is just another rant from another old fool but I assure you that I am aware of how temporary everything is even the dirt we stand on.  Until about the middle of the last century changes started happening at a faster pace in the human world. Prior to that change was rather slow so went largely unnoticed. I started noticing the increase in the speed of change in the 1970's.  I countered it by moving further and fruther from the center of human activities.  It came to a head for me in the '90's when I visited the place I grew up in Arkansas.  SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) had to drive me out into the woods and throw buckets of cold water on me until I calmed down. Heavy medication with beer and gin for a few days and I realized I was going to have to adapt. I have to a point but not without medication.

The only thing good about this recession we are in is that change has slowed somewhat but that is a mixed blessing. Perhaps by not changing material things we will change the way we think and what we believe for a while.

Nah, what am I thinking?


Steve A said...

As Lamaze training advises: "Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth." Let me know if you need advice on panting or any of the rest...

Oldfool said...

I tried "deep breathing" and sitting in the lotus position but that just made my hips hurt.

Lollipops & Polka Dots said...

There are many more who think as you do than you think. the 99% are tired of 2 jobs to survive or govt subsidies keeping them in poverty. if enough of us back away from the grid (so to speak), the 1% won't have the tax or consumer base they need to keep building their ponze schemes. I believe. I believe. at least i'm doin my best to live my choice. Thanks for the laughs and insights. I love your simplicity and perspectives.

Gwen Buchanan said...

You know I never looked at it like that before.. slowing down might not be a bad thing at all.. back to doing things just for the fun of it.

Goggle Earth is amazing isn't it..

Steven Cain said...

And at the speed of change you were able to make this post.

I know what you mean. I watched our family farm, a couple thousand acres, be buried under sub-divisions over the course of five years.

Slow the breeding and we'll slow the change.

totsymae said...

Thanks for the trip down your memory lane. Never had the pleasure of visiting there. That poor little pig though. A taco long forgotten now, I'm sure. :-(

rumpydog said...

We'll either change... or we won't. At most I'll be around another 30 years so I don't suppose it really matters either way.

paleotool said...

All well said. Fifteen years ago I only knew a few people thinking like this. I worked hard, bought an over-priced house, and missed a lot of good things. Now I'm slower, make less money, set (most) of my own schedule and have no clue what's in store for the next ten years.

Off topic: I love the bike photos you have running in the right column. You could have a page of those alone.

Oldfool said...

What an interesting group of people. There is not a dullard in this group. Artist, craftsmen and thinkers all.

Note: Hover over "some of my bikes" in the right column to uncover controls or left click to go to the page on Picasa.
Most everything in the right column is clickable.

f said...

It gets easier to to do with less, or so it seems, until we realize just how much most of us have.

Great blog, still waiting for more of those reflections on a young man abroad.

Best to all