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Monday, October 10, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Inspiration and Where Can I Buy Some?

I am really at a loss when my Inspiration dries up.  I usually have some tucked in a corner somewhere but as often as not when I drag it out it's the wrong kind.  I don't know if it can be invented but I don't seem to be able to.  I have to wait until I stumble over it. These days when I feel a shortage coming on I start looking. If I'm out entirely then I look harder. The only other option in this case is despair.

Until a few years ago I could not live without a goal.  I thought I had to have one no matter how small but then one day I didn't have one and it was O.K.  I liked it better when I had one but it was O.K.

I'm not talking about short range goals like stacking a little fire wood for the winter or laying a fire in the stove for the next cold morning even though they are satisfying.  I'm talking about setting off to cross an ocean or learning to shoe horses or even building a tree house. Something that will take time and effort to prepare for as well as do. Something a tad dangerous.

I have queued up some projects but they will be over so quick I hesitate to start them.  I look forward to the end of the day so I can stop thinking about this subject for a while. There is nothing so relaxing as having a tooth ache, being scheduled for brain surgery or execution as it takes your mind off this little problem.

Meanwhile acorns are raining from the trees as they do every two years and the TV is on yelling at me in Spanish which is part of the ongoing goal to become fluent in that language. It has been ongoing for about 50 years. I sometimes understand what they are saying because of the visual but even then sometimes I don't.  When I started many years ago it seemed like a string of gibberish but now it's a lot of individual words strung together most of which I have no idea of the meaning.  It does cause me to look up words.  I try to watch a little Mexican soap opera each day. It's shallow and inane but they use everyday words like everyday people do and overact so I can sometimes get the meaning.  I mimic the speech patterns but leave out the over acting. Well, for the most part anyway as I like to overact the bandido stuff.  They seem to have bandido's in everything.

I mostly use the TV for watching videos of something I'm trying to learn like Spanish. It's off now because there is only so much I can stand.  One thing about watching the news in Spanish is they have better looking sexpots for announcers than Americans do. I like that. Sexpots are OK in any language.

I have been told that my pronunciation and accent is very good.  So I guess that means that whatever nonsense I'm spouting the words are completely understandable even if the meaning is incomprehensible. I should do politics. I'd fit right in. Comprende?

My bride SWMBO just brought these fresh from the oven so I have to go now.


National Insurance Moderator said...
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PaddyAnne said...

We use cable to watch 2 PBS channels (one from Seattle, one from Vancouver) and to watch the local Victoria BC newscasts, even though we don't live there (they are lowkey, and must feature at least one cat-up-a-tree story per night). Otherwise we mostly use the TV to watch DVD's we borrow from the library. For some insane reason our monthly cable bill just went down a few dollars - they must have heard I was just about to cancel it, PBS not withstanding.

Jon said...

Those are some good-looking cookies. Maybe my long-term goal should be to find a mate who will bring cookies to me...

limom said...

Now I gotta go find me some cookies.
I used to get my inspiration in a can, in packs of twelve.

Ben in Texas said...

Tell ya What OldFool,if you just really really gotta have a project to work on. Come on down! I got one to keep you busy awhile. Make a mother-in-law room out in my big ole barn!!

Steve A said...

Regretfully, Dr Atkins is not a cookie fan, not even glorious chocolate chip cookies with the gooey chocolate...

Gunnar Berg said...

My friend, The Judge, (recently retired, but I can't bring myself to strip him of his title) loves his little carpentry projects - rebuilding his deck, birdhouses, the fence, a gazebo. He spends months planning even little jobs and savors every board. I was adrift for a while, but then the Growlery struck me like bolt out of the blue. I have at least two years of planning and dinking around with that. Maybe more.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Where did the other half of that one cookie go? Of course such an important man like you would have a food taster. . . I would like to have a food taster job (grin)

Oldfool said...

Paddy; Who knows about cable companies they are mostly just another corporation. I'm looking forward to the day I can get the internet without them.

Jon: Eat you heart out. My first wife brought me orange juice in bed so that I wouldn't have to go brush my teeth with that awful taste in my mouth. She still left.

Limom: I used Primo in the old days when it was made there. Then I drank Primo when it was made by Olympia (I think). I have a Primo beer bottle with a candle in it in my bathroom and the last Primo beer sign in captivity in Louisiana in my shed. I know inspiration.

Ben: Texaz and I don't get along even though my biological father was born there, my parents are buried there and I lost my virginity there.

Steve A: Fuck Dr. Atkins. I like bread.

Gunnar: The Judge will always be the Judge, the General will always be the General and I will always be the pilot or the asshole depending on which life you knew me in.
My Growlery(bus/hovel)is a work in progress and has been since 1979.
May you be so lucky my friend.

D.D.: You know where it went. It's right here inside this watery bag of guts with me. I am turning it and the rest into shit.