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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Keeping My Mouth Shut Is Hard To Do or Man's inhumanity humanity to man

I had to strike out inhumanity because I no longer believe that compassion is a human trait. Those who have it must get it from some other species.

Home Sweet Home

Would you like to live here?  Could you even survive here? This is in the United States of America were we are embroiled in the choosing of the next sleezeball to run for president, football games and what kind of junk food we will have for dinner. This is in New Jersey were the  concern is over 'will we have dinner' and 'how will I keep from freezing this winter'. Oh yeah, and will the good towns christian (not capitalized purposely) folks come tear my hovel down just before it snows.

I am not a christian or any other of the man made religions that justify war as a means to an end and seem more worried about sexual orientation than character. As in it's OK if you beat you wife as long as you are not queer. I have studied it however and Jesus said feed the poor and heal the sick.   Hay-sus would have made a good Buddhist and I'm sure he was one of the first Dudist. It sounds like socialism to conservatives  and never mind police departments, fire departments and mandatory garbage pickup. Public school is socialist as well but there seems to be a move on to get rid of education in the USA.

Click on Home Sweet Home and count your blessings.  I don't think you will be disappointed as the good part is these people have a community. Warning: lots of pictures.

Meanwhile it turned cold yesterday with lows in the low 50's (51 this morning) and at 11 AM I still have four 100 watt light bulbs and my flannel bathrobe (Dudist Monks Robe) keeping me warm. SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) has been complaining about the bitter cold since it dropped out of the 80's. I had a small twig fire this morning to knock off the chill.

My pitifully small amount of fall gardening is doing well and if the freezing holds off until January I should get something out of it.  It's small but it's something and the experience/learning is priceless.
Lettuce bin (leaf lettuce) if the seed sprouts  there will be plenty here for the two or three months we'll have it and no listeria.

It will months yet for these but they sure like this cool weather. Last year they grew and produced right through the freezes.

The aspargus is still giving it up. I just ate this one and another just like it.  It's like having candy growing in the yard.
I hit it just right on the tomatoes so far. Now if they'll produce a few pounds before they freeze I'll be a happy camper. I'm keeping a bowl of salsa fresca going in the refrigerator all the time now because the chilis have been producing plenty. I have had to resort to tomatoes grown about a 150 miles east of here in Alabama. They are vine ripe and not picked until they have color but they are still not as good as mine no matter how bad mine look. Biased? meh. Nah.

I had to fence them in yesterday because they were growing out of the container and starting across the yard. They were growing away from the sun but toward the part of the yard where the sun shines longer.  How do they know?

It has been busy especially since I found a box of long lost photos from when we first sailed to Mexico.  Sorting, scanning, color correcting and filing takes a lot of time but I think I'll soon have some for your viewing enjoyment.  I think SWMBO is even going to let me use some I took of her. She just brought me a plate of hot cornbread with pepper cheese laced with pickled jalapenos melted on it for lunch. Good eats.
I try to ignore the kind of stuff I started this post with but sometimes I just cannot. I'll do better next time.


Gunnar Berg said...

Hang in there.
Count your blessings.
Give the other man a hand up if you can.

Steve A said...

Way back when, these were called "Hoovervilles," and Doug McArthur destroyed them. What are they called now?

Is that a cat shield over the bin?

workbike said...

This is disturbing, not least the 'christian' response (although I notice the place is run by a pastor).

I don't get this either, as it's fairly clear what the bible and Jesus had to say about poverty. (and about people who ignore it).

Oldfool said...

Steve: yes indeed. Otherwise within 24 hours it would be a cat shit box. I could come to hate cats if I was into hate and they didn't make me laugh everyday.

Diane said...

Please don't stop posting about this kind of story. I appreciate the link and have forwarded it to relatives who live nearby and are old enough to remember the Hoovervilles.
And soon I will plant a bed of garlic and surround it with a chicken wire fence for the frustration of kitty defecation. I've been propagating hardneck garlic for several years and get most of a year's supply from a small bed but my attempt to grow softneck this year wasn't very successful. This is in southern New England. It's a big money saver if you can do it and necessary for salsas, of course.

Big Oak said...

Compassion is what this country used to be about. Your anger that we can't, or don't, help people in need is a legitimate response to the deplorable conditions in which many people find themselves.

This makes me angry too, and you have found a much more constructive way to express your anger than I have.

What amazes me is how many people are against any government spending, except they say we shouldn't cut spending on the military.

While we desperately need to watch our government spending at all times, we also need to realize that we work best when we work together to make this a better place for all Americans.

Sorry for the political rant, but you touched a nerve.

Barney (The Old Fat Man) said...

I just wish you opinion was wrong.

Old Jules said...

Without disagreeing about your premise overall, that tent, tarp, rail fence, chairs, etc, doesn't look to be a bad way to live. Unless that's a dead animal lying under the fence rail. The ones staying there appear to be able to buy soft drinks, so they're probably not hungry.

Maybe it's tempting to assume everyone wants to live in a suburban house, maybe these even think they do. And maybe it's right to wish them something nearer what they want.

Somewhere back there our ancestors all lived no better than this. A lot of them managed to live worthwhile lives in those conditions. The fact it's possible to do so seems to me to offer the potential for it here and now.

Which takes nothing away from what you've said.

I hope these folks are grateful for what they've got and feel compassion for those who have less, who are living nearer the edge and have to fight harder for the actual basics.

Good post. Gracias, Jules

Oldfool said...

The point I was trying to make is "leave these people alone" and let them live. I have happily lived like that and am only one big wind storm or flood from it now but I am not threatened by the government gang bringing it down around my ears.
I am thankful for what I have but then I would be happy with a full belly, fire in the winter and shade in the summer.