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Monday, October 17, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Local Art and Other Stuff

Discarded mufflers and exhaust pipes. Located in Raceland, La.

Roommate that lives on the window shade. Eats meat such as flies, mosquitoes and those pesky little aggressive jumping spiders. I am her friend but she keeps a wary eye on me as if she is not sure.
I cannot get a focused photo of BB (Black Bastard) the "not here" dog. She is moving just beyond the speed of sight 24/7. I think she is doing speed. My camera is not quick enough to stop her motion even when she is standing still.  I'm thinking of changing her name to Flash.
Blurry photo. I was doing this on the run.

The far calico has earned her stripes. She is a proven mouser and that is why her "friends" and siblings  are lined up for what they think is rightfully their share. She thinks different.

Some will find the video below offensive. I certainly do. I have edited it to the point that anymore and it won't be a video. The long version is on you tube.

Cats will be cats. Unlike dogs they have no empathy or compassion, qualities that many humans lack as well.

Note: This is a sorry mess but I'm not getting on so good with blogger this morning so I think I'll stop now. Better luck tomorrow.


Dizzy-Dick said...

You got a lot of neat critters living near or with you. I like the exhaust man, too.

Ben in Texas said...

Good kitty, teaching the others to hunt vermin and how to kill them!! My ole momma cat taught all of the kittens that came to live here except one. Poor ole Scruffy never got the hang of it. My two fuzzy carpet sharks now are hell on grasshoppers , and the occasional mouse that wanders to close to 'their" home!!

Steve A said...

Alternate title for the bottom two items:

Dog Food

After all, if people were to suddenly disappear, how else would dogs such as "Flash" survive until they re-establish their hunting skills?

L. F. Hawkins said...

Mice were most likely created to keep cats 'fine-tuned' to hunt more challenging prey, such as gophers and squirrels, when they rear their heads. Since 'zeke', our cat, died we even have gophers in our hanging baskets.

Chandra said...

Nice kitties!

Our cats hunt too! Though I am a vegetarian, I want them to live their lives the way they want to. I do not stop them from hunting. I tell the black kitty not to kill the birds as he doesn't eat them. He kills plenty of other critters for entertainment.

Paz :)

limom said...

I'm digging muffler man.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Cats around here stalk and dismember lizards like that. I'm not sure they even like to eat them, it seems more like they are vaguely interested in their tortured wriggles.

Oldfool said...

DD: If you live in SE Louisiana and think you live alone you are not paying attention.
Ben: This Momma cat ain't worth a shit for nothing. She only breeds. Twice a year.
Steave: Agreed. Also "moving target", "dog toy".
L.F.H: I love your writing. Do more. I would be more than happy for you to come carry a half dozen or so of these critters away.
Chandra: Felines kill for entertainment like humans and those that don't watch for entertainment.
limom: Muffler man is cool.
JRA: Lizards are pretty scarce around here now except for the house lizards.

kfg said...

Back in the day they were referred to as "banjo heads." I find it interesting that in a separate and isolated culture they were referred to as "samisen heads," giving some credence to the the idea of actual superiority.