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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Old Fools Journal: Deadly Cats or I'm glad they don't weigh 500 pounds

I witnessed something a few days ago that I have never seen before. I have watched dogs and cats hunt in the past and some are quite good at it but I have never seen cats hunt in the trees. I don't mean among the trees I mean up in the tree tops.

Arrow points to squirrel harvesting acorns

Lately I have witnessed our cats working together or fighting together up in the tree tops.
This last incident however takes first place. One of the cats we took in when Thaddeus Babin passed was a big orange cowardly walking appetite. I guess he got hungry. He went up the tree like a rocket and grabbed the squirrel that was giving him shit and hauled it's screeching kicking ass down to the ground. By morning there was nothing left but the tail. If this is the whole tail then the squirrel was a juvenile and there were two juveniles that have now gone missing.

So it goes.

It has been raining acorns for over a month now. Since we have lived here these oaks have dropped their leaves in the spring but have remained green year around. I understand that this far south they do that and further north they act more like other deciduous trees. Our experience has been acorns falling every other year. This year has been different.  It has, at times, literal been raining acorns sometimes it is a downpour and sometimes it is just a drop now and then.  I don't believe that 10 minutes has passed without at least one falling.

This is the tree I live under and  the
tree of the great squirrel slaughter.

Yesterday evening, two days after the killing, Sonny Boy was found dead in his favorite spot next to the food dish.
So it goes.

The photo below is the two treetops
that are raining acorns on my roof.  There are four others in the yard. According to my neighbor these trees were here when the house was moved here over 50 years ago. I can just imagine the drama that has happened in and a round them.
I have much more I want to share today but my eyes have been going south on me and today they seem to be just over the horizon. I can't focus either eye very well with the right being worse than the left. Just one more thing on the list of things that make me not recommend old age.

Life is still good.


Billy Bob said...

Funny how a cat will shoot up a tree to capture it's prey and come back down. But if'n a dog chases them up that same tree, hell can freeze over or the fire department rescues them before they'll come down.
Love them old oaks.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Unfortunately, Our oaks lose their leaves in the fall.. but they hold their leaves longer than all the others.. and half way through the winter they will still be clutching some of their brown dehydrated ones that won't let go. All the other trees will just be bare branches... Oaks are like the king of trees.

Steven Cain said...

I've seen cats catch rabbits... young rabbits... but never a squirrel. That's talent.

Steve A said...

It's the food chain. Cats catch squirrels and the dogs catch the cats and, well I'm not that hungry right now, but I'm not a crawfish fan, either...

kfg said...

Had a cat once that specialized in rabbit and squirrel. Never saw her catch anything else. She were a wee little thang but quite proficient. Some of the rabbits outweighed her. I know I wouldn't want to take on a rabbit my size. Nasty critters.

The funny thing is that she only ever ate the backs of their heads off. Guess she musta been a zombie cat.